Latvian and Regional Food on a Student Budget in Riga

One of the most exciting things about travel is the ability to try new combinations of flavors and textures! Local food can not only delight your senses, but also introduce you to important parts of the local culture and history. Latvia can, in addition to introducing you to Latvian food, also offer an array of […]

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Comfort Food for Homesick Americans in Riga

We know how it is. Sometimes, after weeks of excitement exploring a new culture in a new city and new country, we all just need a little comforting taste of home. Riga has a blossoming cafe and culinary culture and this includes a number of cafes and restaurants that specialize in pizza, burgers, sandwiches, and […]

Coffee and Desserts in Riga

Like any good European capital, Riga’s historic streets bustle with people and are lined with quaint cafes, coffee shops, and bakeries offering a place to sit, relax, and enjoy the sweeter things in life. Below are some options found by SRAS students in Riga that they would like to share with you. This guide is […]

Riga’s Best Bars and Pubs

Latvian culture has a long history of brewing. Cider is considered the oldest brewed Latvian drink. These days, herbal balsams (bitters) from Latvia’s lush forests are perhaps even better known as the national tipple. Beer brewing also has a long history here, with craft beer becoming more popular each year. As Latvia enjoys a revival […]

Vegan Guide to Riga

So, you’re a vegan or vegetarian thinking about traveling to Latvia. Your family members and friends have probably apprehensively or self-righteously told you that “you’ll never survive there as a vegan.” Indeed, the national cuisine of Latvia, and, in fact, all of northern and eastern Europe, is not known for being particularly vegan-friendly. This is […]