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Almaty Bazaars: Shop Like a Local

The markets of Almaty are where many locals go to pick up just about anything from groceries to TV sets. These are traditional marketplaces – known usually as “базар” or sometimes called by the Russian word “рынок” – and can often feel crowded and chaotic to those used to spaciousness and organization of Western commerce. […]

Shopping in Batumi: A Complete Guide

Batumi brims with shopping outlets. From large shopping malls to tiny kiosks and traditional bazaars, from antiques to the latest fashions, this guide hopes to introduce you to some of the best opportunities that students on SRAS programs in Batumi have found! DS Mall Tbel Abuseridze str. #5 Review by SRAS Student Ashley Pan DS Mall […]

Batumi Coffee and Desserts

Whether you’re buried in books or basking in the sea breeze, these cafes will undoubtedly become your go-to spots for fostering productivity and unwinding in the remarkable study abroad destination of Batumi! Below are some options found by SRAS students in Georgia that they would like to share with you. Li’mania Bakery 66 Zurab Gorgiladze […]

SRAS Guide to Living in Yerevan

What’s it really like to live in Yerevan, Armenia for a semester? Staying long-term in a city is much different from just vacationing there. You’ll need to navigate more of the practical, everyday services of the city and budget to include more miscellaneous and long-term expenses. Thus, this guide covers everything from haircuts to pharmacies […]

Fitness and Health in the Russian Language

This bilingual resource hopes to build students’ vocabulary skills as well as provide them with a window into concepts of health and fitness as viewed from Russian-speaking societies. Hover over the bold Russian to reveal its English translation. The Language of Gyms in Russian The in Russia can also be called, colloquially, “качалка.” “Качалка” is derived from […]

Best Coffee Shops in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Coffee culture has come to Bishkek! The Kyrgyz are becoming more discerning consumers and this can be seen in its developing food and beverage business. Below are a few of the best coffee shops in Bishkek that SRAS students have enjoyed and would like to tell you about!   Sierra Coffee Multiple Locations Ever notice […]