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16 Ways Studying Abroad is Just Like Harry Potter

Published: June 1, 2014

Did you ever stop to think about the fact that, technically, Harry Potter was also studying abroad? Here are 16 ways that Harry’s adventures are likely to be just like yours.


1. When you first decide you’re going abroad, you’re in a state of shock- you can hardly believe it’s real!

2. Getting on the plane (train) can be scary

HP platform

3. The new land seems magical with the different architecture and strange lights

HP first hogwarts

4. It can also be terrifying at times…there might be monsters anywhere

HP TrollHP Troll reaction

5. Then you start to figure it out, find a group of friends

HP casual friends

6. Going out with your friends is great until someone overdoes it…

HP drinking

7. Some days you just want to punch someone (any building guard who makes me dig out my passport or spell my last name 5 times- I’m looking at you)

HP punch

8. Sometimes you just want to hide in your room

HP bedroom

9. You can’t seem to master that one grammar point or verb conjugation and it becomes a dragon to slay

HP dragon

10. Declension.

HP voldemort

11. When someone thinks their accent is better than yours

HP leviosa

12. You end up just making stuff up as you go along and usually being confused

HP ron confused

13. You might find a bittersweet romance, knowing you’ll have to say goodbye…

HP kiss

14. As your time in Russia draws to a close, you have mixed feelings

HP suffer

15. You realize you’ve made friends for life: hard times + good times = strong bonds

HP friend hug

16. Now, you’ll always have a second home

HP home

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