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Na Parakh Restaurant in St. Peterbsurg

Na Parakh Большой проспект П.С. дом 3 (угол со Зверинской ул.) Невский пр, дом 74-76 (вход с Литейного пр.) Open 24/7 Meals from 250 Rubles For a cheap, tasty meal look no further than На Парах (Na Parakh; Steamed). This local mini-chain of casual restaurants focusing exclusively on dishes cooked with steam has two […]

Salkhino Restaurant in St. Petersburg

Salkhino Restaurant / Салхино Ресторан Кронверкский Проспект 25 Daily 11:00-23:00 Meals from 400 Rubles St. Petersburg offers a large variety of ethnic cuisine outside of “Russian” food. Each republic of the former Soviet Union has a unique palate that is generally quite difficult to come by in the United States. A favorite among locals […]

Leningrad Zoo

Leningrad Zoo / Ленинградский зоопарк парк Александровский, 1 Phone: +7 (812) 232-8260 +7 (812) 230-1926 Main Zoo Hours: daily 10-21 Exoterium Hours: daily 11-21 Ticket Price: 500 rubles (200 rubles with student ID) Cashiers close an hour before the park The Leningrad Zoo, located in the heart of St. Petersburg, is the oldest zoo […]

Personal Experience: Homestay St. Petersburg

During my seven month stay in St. Petersburg, I opted to live in a homestay with a Russian host family. I initially had images of a small apartment with carpets on the walls and lace pillow covers, Russian children biting my ankles, and a warm and loving grandmother (babushka) to dote on me and stuff […]

Personal Experience: NGO Internship in St. Petersburg

For the past seven months I have been living and studying in St. Petersburg, Russia through the SRAS Russian Studies Abroad program. Through the program, SRAS was able to set me up with an internship in my field and support me throughout the process from the initial meeting with the organization, and checkups along the […]

Personal Experience: Playing Baseball in St. Petersburg

Many SRAS students seek to add extracurricular activities to their time abroad to help them integrate into their communities, improve language skills, and make new friends outside their classes. Particularly in Russia, where universities do not tend to officially host many clubs, reaching out of your comfort zone to find new opportunities is key (and […]

6 Ways to Beat the Heat During a Russian Summer

Russia isn’t known for being a particularly warm country, but summers can see many areas of Russia warm up to over 90 or 100 degrees Fahrenheit. St. Petersburg, nestled on the northern coast of the chilly Baltic Sea, has never recorded temperatures above 98 degrees. However, it is a city packed densely with people, cars, […]

Rugby in St. Petersburg

“As long as a person is athletic and has a drive to improve himself, little to no experience is required to come practice with us. The team is close-knit, and everyone is willing to help out the new blood.” – Dirk Hryekewicz, an American SRAS Student playing rugby in Russia. International sports are quickly making […]

Memorial Apartment Museum of Dmitri Mendeleev

Free (small donations encouraged/expected) Hours: Monday-Thursday 11:00-16:00 Twelve Collegia Building, Mendeleevskaya Liniya on Vasilievskiy Island Must call in advance to organize a visit +7 (812) 328-9744 Dimitri Mendeleev, best known as the creator of the Periodic Table of Elements, is a Russian national hero and one of the foremost thinkers of the 20th century. […]

Baseball in Russia

Think there’s no baseball in Russia? Think again. America’s favorite pastime is gaining popularity across Russia. Real baseball stadiums can be found in Moscow and its suburbs and Vladivostok, with notable participation in local leagues in St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Kazan, Astrakhan, and more! In St. Petersburg there are not yet official baseball fields, […]

12 Tips for Meeting Locals in St. Petersburg

One of the factors study abroad returnees quote as most highly influential in their experience is the relationships they make with locals. The benefits of making friends with Russians are far-reaching, including everything from language practice to having a couch to crash on next time you’re in town. The following is a list of places […]

Day Trip to Kronstadt

One of the best things about living in St. Petersburg is the ring of interesting day trip destinations that lay in the city’s suburbs. One of my favorite places to escape the hustle of the city is the town of Kronstadt. About 30 km west of the city center, Kronstadt is located on the island […]

Day Trip to Gatchina

Gatchina Palace – Государственный музей-заповедник “Гатчина” Open Tue – Sun, 10 am – 6 pm The ticket office closes at 5.00 p.m. Closed on Mondays and the first Tuesday of the month Student tickets for palace and park: 120 rubles One of the best things about living in St. Petersburg is the ring of […]

16 Ways Studying Abroad is Just Like Harry Potter

Did you ever stop to think about the fact that, technically, Harry Potter was also studying abroad? Here are 16 ways that Harry’s adventures are likely to be just like yours.   1. When you first decide you’re going abroad, you’re in a state of shock- you can hardly believe it’s real! 2. Getting on […]

15 Signs You Studied Abroad in Russia

Everyone knows the signs of a post-study abroad collegiate: constantly comparing everything to your study abroad city, using every conversation as an excuse to talk about your lifechanging experience, compulsively scanning the web for cheap plane tickets hoping that someday you’ll have enough money to relive the glory days that were study abroad. If you […]

6 Biggest Culture Shocks in Russia

Moving to a different country is hard. You will probably experience culture shock and will definitely have your ups and downs. Here’s a list of challenges you can expect to run into while you adjust to Russia. 1. Language This is a no-brainer, but I couldn’t leave it off the list! I strongly advise learning […]

10 Differences Between Moscow and Saint Petersburg

“Moscow is the heart, and Saint Petersburg is the head” -This Russian saying was popularized in the time of Peter the Great and references Moscow’s place as the central upholder of Russian traditions while Saint Petersburg looks west into the social and scientific developments of the future. Is it still applicable today? – You decide. […]

“Beautiful Green” Vegetarian Cafe in St. Petersburg

Beautiful Green/Прекасная Зелёная Моховая Улица 41 10:00-23:00 weekdays 11:00-23:00 weekends Meals from $7 Прекрасная Зеленая (Prekrasnaya Zelenaya; Beautiful Green) Café filled a hole in my heart I didn’t even realize was there. Everything about this place is heartwarming and I cannot recommend it highly enough. I discovered it on a cool Saturday afternoon in […]

“Ideal Cup” Coffee Shop in St. Petersburg

Idealnaya Chashka/Идеалная Чашка Садовая Ул. Д. 25 Mon-Fri 7am-11pm Sat-Sun 8am-11pm Lunch for around $10; Coffee/Tea for $3-5 Идеальная Чашка (Idealnaya Chashka; “Ideal Cup”) is the oldest and one of the most successful St. Petersburg coffeeshop chains. The menu is extensive, offering a variety of sweet treats and lunch snacks like sandwiches and wraps. […]

I’m Thankful for Today Cafe and Bar in St. Petersburg

I’m Thankful for Today Cafe and Bar Гороховая ул., 24 10am-3am everyday Meals from $10   This small chain of restaurants in St. Petersburg offers an attractive atmosphere, friendly staff, and reasonably priced food. I stumbled upon the place by accident on one of my many “lost in the big city” outings. It wasn’t very […]

Coffee Station: The Sweetest Coffee Shop in Saint Petersburg

Coffee Station 26, Некрасова ул., Saint Petersburg, Russia Hours of Operation: M-F 8.00 -22.30, Sat-Sun 9.00-22.30 Drinks from 70 rubles    I have a romanticized, film-inspired, over-the-top corny imagination. It leads my mind to conjure images of many “perfect” days, several of which begin sitting at a boutique coffee shop, writing the next great […]

Brooklyn Local Cafe in Saint Petersburg

Brooklyn Local Cafe наб. канала Грибоедова, 27 Mon-Fri 9:00-23:00 Sat 11:00-2:00 Sun 13:00-21:00 Meals from 111 Rubles The beautiful Bank Bridge or Griffin Bridge is a Saint Petersburg icon, frequently seen on postcards, tourist brochures, and is the emblem of FINEC/UNECON. What you don’t often see is the unobtrusive Brooklyn Local Café, situated comfortably […]

The 70th Anniversary of the Liberation of Leningrad

Jan 27, 2014 was the 70th anniversary of the end of the Siege of Leningrad. During the Great Patriotic War (WWII) German forces cut off the Soviet city of Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg) from the rest of the country with intense bombing raids and tank roadblocks. The siege lasted for 872 days: from September 8 […]

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