Author: Jessica Ginocchio

Ryumochnaya in Moscow

Рюмочная/ Ryumochnaya Б. Никитская, д. 22/2, метро Арбатская Meals from 250 roubles This little place on Bolshaya Nikitskaya is not quite a cafe, not quite a cafeteria. You order at the counter, where all of the food options are sitting out on plates in front of you. (This sort of set-up would never fly in […]

Novodevichy Cemetery in Moscow

Новодевичье Кладбище/ Novodevichy Cemetery Лужнецкий пр., метро Спортивная 9am-5pm Admission free Novodevichy Cemetery is one of my favorite places in Moscow, and what luck that it is absolutely free to visit! I have personally been there three times during my two stays in the city. Located next to Novodevichy Monastery, the this cemetery is the […]

MGU Dormitory Cafe

Sixth Floor Cafе MGU Main Building (Ленинские Горы, д. 1) , Сектор Е 11:00 am-11:00 pm Meals from 75 roubles. For students living at MGU, this little cafe on the 6th floor of Sector E provides some variety from the usual cafeterias, with the convenience of still being on campus and with only slightly higher but […]

Cheburechnaya in Moscow

Cheburechnaya/ Чебуречная ул. Остоженка, д. 53/2. Open daily, 11:00-22:00 Meals/snacks from 45 roubles. This fast food establishment, located right behind the smaller entrance to the Park Kultury metro stop, serves чебуреки (chebureki), just as its name suggests. This Central Asian stuffed pocket of fried dough can often be found in the cases of bakery kiosks around […]

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