Author: Jessica Ginocchio

Travel Guide to Daugavpils

Arrayed along a curve in the stately Daugava River a three-and-a-half hour train ride from Riga, Dauvapils is Latvia’s second-largest city. It has a small, walkable city center with multiple peaceful parks, historic churches representing multiple religious traditions, a few small but high-quality museums and a unique Napoleonic-era fortress. Daugavpils is primarily a Russian-speaking city, […]

Vegan Guide to Riga

So, you’re a vegan or vegetarian thinking about traveling to Latvia. Your family members and friends have probably apprehensively or self-righteously told you that “you’ll never survive there as a vegan.” Indeed, the national cuisine of Latvia, and, in fact, all of northern and eastern Europe, is not known for being particularly vegan-friendly. This is […]