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Artwork to inspire your workouts at Gym 13.

Gyms in Tbilisi: Staying Fit in Georgia

Published: June 17, 2024

There are many ways to stay fit while in Bishkek! Below are suggestions for gyms and training clubs within the city that students on SRAS programs in Tbilisi have found and would like to recommended.

This resource is part of the much larger SRAS Guide to Living in Tbilisi.

GYM 13

17 Nikifore Irbakhi St
By Zhengyi Lin, University of Richmond

During my five-week summer study abroad in Tbilisi, I got a one-month membership to GYM 13 and worked out every day.

Powerlifting has been my passion for the past seven years, so when I arrived in Tbilisi, finding a suitable gym was a top priority. I’ll admit, I was concerned about the availability of quality facilities, especially near my dorm. However, my worries were swiftly laid to rest when I stumbled upon GYM 13. During my five-week summer study abroad in Tbilisi, I got a one-month membership to GYM 13 and worked out every day.

It’s more than just a gym; it’s a haven for fitness enthusiasts like me. The moment I stepped inside, I was struck by its modernity and comfort. The gym is meticulously equipped with everything a lifter could dream of: state-of-the-art machines, ample free weights, and even dedicated spaces for MMA and boxing training. Personally, I find myself drawn to the sandbags in the MMA area; there’s something incredibly satisfying about punching them as a form of stress relief and fun. GYM 13 has truly exceeded my expectations, offering a comprehensive range of facilities that cater to my powerlifting needs while also providing opportunities to diversify my workouts. Everyone in the gym is friendly. Some people can speak some English, but most of them only speak Georgian or Russian (be prepared with your language skills, body language training, and/or translator app).

GYM 13 isn’t just about physical fitness; it’s also a vibrant hub for socializing and making connections. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a diverse array of people from various countries, including Azerbaijan, Turkey, Kazakhstan, as well as locals from Georgia and fellow Americans. Engaging in activities like pickleball with new friends from the USA and exploring Tbilisi with someone from Kazakhstan has truly enriched my experience here. Whether it’s bonding over a shared love for fitness or exchanging cultural experiences, GYM 13 has provided me with an invaluable opportunity to connect with others and build meaningful friendships.

Price and distance

The pricing structure at GYM 13 is quite reasonable, especially considering the value it offers. As a current student, I paid a total of 108 lari (~$38) for a one-month unlimited membership, inclusive of the admission card fee. For non-students, the price is slightly higher at 130 lari plus the admission card fee. However, there’s also the option of a discounted morning membership, granting access from 8 am to 3 pm daily,  priced at 99 lari (~$35). Compared to other gyms in the area, GYM 13 stands out not only for its affordability but also for its comprehensive facilities and friendly atmosphere. Despite its location being a 35 to 40-minute walk from the Fabrika hostel (23 minutes from the Novomova School if you take advantage of the subway), I find the journey to be a beneficial warm-up or cardio session in itself. For those seeking a quicker commute, the option of a bolt ride is available, taking around 10 minutes from either location and costing approximately 3 to 5 lari depending on the time of day. Ultimately, while the distance may seem a bit far, the quality of GYM 13 makes it well worth the journey.


Let me take you on a quick picture tour of Gym 13!


Descending to the first floor, you’ll encounter various fitness areas, each catering to different workout preferences. Notably, the walls are adorned with vibrant paintings of muscular animated figures, such as One Punch Man and characters from Dragon Ball Super, adding a touch of fun and inspiration to your gym experience.

The comparative emptiness of this gym, especially when contrasted with gyms in the U.S., may indeed reflect differences in gym culture and popularity in Georgia. However, this quieter atmosphere can offer distinct advantages. With fewer people around, there’s less waiting time for equipment, allowing individuals to seamlessly transition between exercises and maintain their workout flow. Moreover, for those who prefer solitude while exercising, the tranquility of a less crowded gym provides an ideal environment for focused workouts and personal reflection. The rhythmic music adds a motivating backdrop to the gym experience, enhancing the overall ambiance and energizing those who choose to train within its walls.

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