Author: Caroline Barrow

Becoming Kazakh in Kazakhstan: Cultural Immersion in a Host Family

From the moment I decided to come to Kazakhstan to teach English, I knew I wanted to stay in a host family. Multiple times family and friends tried to talk me out of this. After all, why on earth would a young 22-year-old, independent young woman want to move in with another family, taking on […]

Dreamtown: Shopping and Entertainment in Kyiv

Dreamtown: Shopping and Entertainment in Kyiv Оболоньский просол, 1А Киев Located between Minska and Obolon metro stations Dreamtown is where American mall meets Disney world – in Kyiv, Ukraine. From shopping to delicious food to exciting activities, this is much more than any shopping center. While visiting Dreamtown won’t deepen your understanding of Ukrainian history […]

Puzata Khata in Kyiv

Puzata Khata / Пузата Хата in Kyiv Контрактовая Площадь, 2/1, Подол Mon-Sun 7:00-23:00 Пузата Хата is chain of Ukrainian cafeterias that serves great food at affordable prices. The name literally translated means “Hut of the Pot Belly,” and their tasty options will be sure to fill you up! Additionally, the wide variety is sure […]

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