Vaffel & Wine in Saint Petersburg

When I first walked by a heart-shaped waffle sign reading “Vaffel & Wine”, I thought that it seemed like an odd combination for a restaurant — and why was it spelled like that?  I did not end up visiting until a few weeks later when a few of us happened to be walking by and […]

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Conchita Bonita Restaurant in St. Petersburg

A long list of St Pete restaurants to try out isn’t necessary when you’ve landed on the quaint restaurant known as Conchita Bonita. Located on 39 Gorokhovaya St, Conchita Bonita is a dark, modest, and welcoming Mexican restaurant thriving in St. Petersburg, Russia.  Conchita, which is the diminutive word for “shell” in Spanish, and bonita, […]

Bushe, Cafe in St. Petersburg, Russia

On my first day in Saint Petersburg someone took me to a cafe. At that point, I didn’t know the name of the cafe, how I got there, or how to get back to the University — but the cafe was an inviting place. The decor was simple: wooden tables and chairs, plain white walls, […]

Five Great Burger Places in St. Petersburg, Russia 

When studying abroad in any country, it’s completely normal to go through periods of culture shock and homesickness. Every student will discover their own ways to fight this, whether it be through watching a favorite movie or calling a friend or family member. Personally, whenever I find myself missing home, I typically go on a […]

Koreana Restaurant in St. Petersburg

During one of my many afternoons of wandering around the city and exploring the streets of St. Petersburg, I stumbled across the Koreana Restaurant. Having never tried Korean food before, I texted one of my fellow classmates who was familiar with the cuisine and invited her along with me. She mentioned that she’d heard fabulous […]

Mamalyga Georgian Restaurant in St. Petersburg

Of all the different types of cuisines and national foods that I’ve tried throughout my time studying abroad, it’s safe to say that Georgian food is hands down my favorite. Having traveled to Georgia and tried the national dishes as made there, I find myself constantly searching for a restaurant in St. Petersburg that can […]

Soulmate Cat Cafe in St. Petersburg

Coffee and cats – what could be better? One thing that many students studying abroad have in common is the yearning to see their beloved pets again. Not all students are ready to return home, but many of them simply miss their pets and are in dire need of some animal cuddling. Luckily for my […]

Suliko – Georigan in St. Petersburg

Suliko Restaurant / Ресторан “Сулико” Казанская 6 Daily 10:00-24:00 Meals from 500 rubles If there’s one non-Russian national cuisine that you should sample while in Russia, it is Georgian. Even Pushkin, who claimed that “каждое грузинское блюдо – это поэма” (“every Georgian dish is a poem”), would agree. And once you’ve tried it, good […]

WAVE Burgers in St. Petersburg

WAVE Burgers Apraksin Lane, 3 11AM-11PM Daily Meals from 900 rubles With a few months in St. Petersburg now under my belt, I’ve had a lot of opportunity to try new local and regional food. I’ve also built up a short list of favorite restaurants for most cravings that I get as an American for […]

History of Vegetarianism in Russia

The following article originally appeared in Russian on It has been translated and adapted by SRAS for presentation here. History of Vegetarianism in Russia The official coming of vegetarianism to Russia was inaugurated with the opening of the first vegetarian society. This was in Saint-Petersburg in the mid-1860s. The society was humorously called “Ни […]

All About Anticafes in St. Petersburg

Anticafes in St. Petersburg Hang out and meet locals Multiple Locations in St. Petersburg Russian: антикафе. Also called a free space (свободное пространство), time-club (тайм-клуб), or time-cafe (тайм-кафе) Anti-cafes are “free spaces” for you to relax with friends, keep busy with wi-fi, play board games or video games, drink tea and coffee, nom on some […]

Hochu Harcho in St. Petersburg

Hochu Harcho / Хочу Харчо 24 hours Meals from 4 dollars This past weekend, I had some of the best food I have ever had the pleasure of eating. Fellow SRAS student Molly and I wanted to try something new, and a lot of our friends had been raving about how good Georgian food […]

Na Parakh Restaurant in St. Peterbsurg

Na Parakh Большой проспект П.С. дом 3 (угол со Зверинской ул.) Невский пр, дом 74-76 (вход с Литейного пр.) Open 24/7 Meals from 250 Rubles For a cheap, tasty meal look no further than На Парах (Na Parakh; Steamed). This local mini-chain of casual restaurants focusing exclusively on dishes cooked with steam has two […]

Salkhino Restaurant in St. Petersburg

Salkhino Restaurant / Салхино Ресторан Кронверкский Проспект 25 Daily 11:00-23:00 Meals from 400 Rubles St. Petersburg offers a large variety of ethnic cuisine outside of “Russian” food. Each republic of the former Soviet Union has a unique palate that is generally quite difficult to come by in the United States. A favorite among locals […]

6 Ways to Beat the Heat During a Russian Summer

Russia isn’t known for being a particularly warm country, but summers can see many areas of Russia warm up to over 90 or 100 degrees Fahrenheit. St. Petersburg, nestled on the northern coast of the chilly Baltic Sea, has never recorded temperatures above 98 degrees. However, it is a city packed densely with people, cars, […]

“Beautiful Green” Vegetarian Cafe in St. Petersburg

Beautiful Green/Прекасная Зелёная Моховая Улица 41 10:00-23:00 weekdays 11:00-23:00 weekends Meals from $7 Прекрасная Зеленая (Prekrasnaya Zelenaya; Beautiful Green) Café filled a hole in my heart I didn’t even realize was there. Everything about this place is heartwarming and I cannot recommend it highly enough. I discovered it on a cool Saturday afternoon in […]

“Ideal Cup” Coffee Shop in St. Petersburg

Idealnaya Chashka/Идеалная Чашка Садовая Ул. Д. 25 Mon-Fri 7am-11pm Sat-Sun 8am-11pm Lunch for around $10; Coffee/Tea for $3-5 Идеальная Чашка (Idealnaya Chashka; “Ideal Cup”) is the oldest and one of the most successful St. Petersburg coffeeshop chains. The menu is extensive, offering a variety of sweet treats and lunch snacks like sandwiches and wraps. […]

I’m Thankful for Today Cafe and Bar in St. Petersburg

I’m Thankful for Today Cafe and Bar Гороховая ул., 24 10am-3am everyday Meals from $10   This small chain of restaurants in St. Petersburg offers an attractive atmosphere, friendly staff, and reasonably priced food. I stumbled upon the place by accident on one of my many “lost in the big city” outings. It wasn’t very […]

Coffee Station: The Sweetest Coffee Shop in Saint Petersburg

Coffee Station 26, Некрасова ул., Saint Petersburg, Russia Hours of Operation: M-F 8.00 -22.30, Sat-Sun 9.00-22.30 Drinks from 70 rubles    I have a romanticized, film-inspired, over-the-top corny imagination. It leads my mind to conjure images of many “perfect” days, several of which begin sitting at a boutique coffee shop, writing the next great […]

Brooklyn Local Cafe in Saint Petersburg

Brooklyn Local Cafe наб. канала Грибоедова, 27 Mon-Fri 9:00-23:00 Sat 11:00-2:00 Sun 13:00-21:00 Meals from 111 Rubles The beautiful Bank Bridge or Griffin Bridge is a Saint Petersburg icon, frequently seen on postcards, tourist brochures, and is the emblem of FINEC/UNECON. What you don’t often see is the unobtrusive Brooklyn Local Café, situated comfortably […]

12 Russian Brands You Should Buy

Greetings dear readers! As this is an opinion piece, you should first know who I am: an American who finds marketing and pop culture fascinating and who has lived in Russia for more than 10 years. What follows is a list of a few local Russian brands that I’ve personally come to prefer over western […]

4 Foods I’ll Miss the Most from Gastronom 811 in St. Petersburg

Гастроном 811 / Gastronom 811 Ploshad Truda #3 Open 24-hours daily On one of my last few days in St. Petersburg, I took one of my last walks around my neighborhood, and something struck me. ‘If I ever get back here,’ I thought, ‘this is what I’ll want to see first.’ It may not make […]

The Hermitage Museum Staff Cafeteria

If you’re a student of Art and Museums in Russia, you probably already know the incredible opportunities it offers. Unprecedented access to one of the largest and most famed museums the world over is one of them. Getting up close with some of the more than three million works within its walls, including original works […]

Soviet Cafe, “Kvartirka” in St. Petersburg

Kvartirka/Квартирка Nevsky Prospekt 51 Metro Маяковская Naturally, there are still signs of the Soviet Union in St. Petersburg, or as the city was called about 20 years ago, Leningrad. However, it is still difficult to find places that are really, shockingly Soviet. One of these places is the preserved Soviet-style restaurant, Kvartirka, (which means “Little […]

Kilikiya in St. Petersburg

Kilikiya/ Киликия  ул. Гороховая 26/40 Open 10:30 a.m-6 a.m. Meals range from 200-600 rubles While my roommates and I enjoy traditional Russian food, we also like to explore other exotic fare. Therefore, we have designated “foreign food Fridays,” and this week focused on Russia’s neighbor in the Caucasus, Armenia. Therefore, we headed out to the restaurant […]

Lenta in St.Petersburg

Лента/ Lenta ул. Уральская, 29 Open 24 hours “Hey, if you need to buy groceries, cleaning supplies, or whatever else, go to Lenta. It’s basically a Russian version of Wal-Mart!” My classmates have frequently expressed this sentiment over the past two weeks, piquing my interest for Lenta. Since my roommates and I did need more […]

Stolovaya No. 1 Kopeika in St.Petersburg

Stolovaya No. 1 Kopeika/ Cтоловая No. 1 Kопейка ул. Итальянская, 17 Open 24 hours Meals from 100 rubles+  Since arriving in St. Petersburg, my fellow classmates and I have seen signs reading “stolovaya” (the Russian word for “dining room”) scattered throughout the city. Therefore, when my friends Ryan, Elizabeth, and I decided to dine out […]

Ukrop Cafe in St.Petersburg

Ukrop/ Укроп улица Марата, 23 11:00-23:00 Meals from 400-600 rubles  As someone who prefers vegetarian dining options, I was thrilled to be invited to a sit-down vegetarian restaurant for a Russian-English conversation group meeting. Therefore, I’d like to share my experience at Ukrop (which means “dill” in Russian), a hip little hangout! The atmosphere at Ukrop […]

Veganika Market in St. Petersburg

Veganika Market 7 Moskovsky Prospekt (Metro Sennaya Ploshad) Open daily from 12:00 p.m. to 8 p.m. Russian cuisine is perhaps best known for its pierogi, pelmeni, soups – and the sour cream that tops them all.  The soups are often beef-stock based, and even veggie-stuffed pierogi are usually made with generous helpings of butter […]

Biblioteka Restaurant Project in St. Petersburg

Biblioteka 20 Nevsky Prospekt (Metro Nevsky Prospekt) Open daily 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Meals from 230 rubles The future of St. Petersburg is looking pretty ambitious. Just look at “projects” like Etagi, Stirka, and Novaya Gollandia, where a lot of things are happening under one roof (or in Novaya Gollandia’s case, on one open […]

SPB bar in St. Petersburg

SPB / СПВ 42 Seventh Line (Metro Vasileostrovskaya) Sun. – Thurs. 12 p.m. – 2 a.m. Fri. and Sat. 12 p.m. – 5 a.m. Meals from 109 rubles If you’re with a group of people who can’t decide on a place to eat, SPB may be a pretty viable option. This is for two reasons. […]

Coffee House in St. Petersburg

Coffee House / Кофе Хауз 34 7th Line (Metro Vasileostrovskaya) and multiple locations Open 24 hours daily Meals from 220 rubles One of the most prominent coffee shop chains in Russia is Coffee House, with more than 50 locations across St. Petersburg alone. Seemingly as ubiquitous as Starbucks in the States, it won’t take […]

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