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International Eateries in Tbilisi: Eating around the World in Georgia

Published: April 10, 2023

Tbilisi is rapidly becoming a hub for international food culture. Thus, while Georgia is known for its incredible local cuisine that simply has to be tried and savored as much as possible while you are there, there is also a world of a other great food cooked by amazing local chefs. Plus, nearly all of these locations are located very near Novamova’s Tbilisi offices, where SRAS programs in Georgia are based!

This resource is part of our much wider Guide to Tbilisi.

Jusai Uyghur Cuisine

2 Ivane Machabeli St
Meal cost: 25-35 Lari

Jusai Uyghur Cuisine is a modern Chinese eatery that offers dishes not often found internationally. The word “Uyghur” refers to the ethically Turkic minority living in north western China. Their cuisine includes noodles, called “lagman”, and dumplings called “manti”, plus much much more.  If you’re looking for some international cuisine not often found in America, this is the place for you.

Feed Me! (Burgers & More)

4 Mikheil Lermontovi St
Meal cost: 15-25 Lari

While not exotic, Feed Me! is a hole-in-the-wall spot offers burger, fries, and shakes. There are many places to try burgers in Tbilisi, but this place is the right mix of fast and quality. If you’re getting tired of eating khachapuri and khinkali everyday, maybe a taste of home is what you need.

Megruli Sakhli Megrelian Cuisine

31 Atoneli St
Meal cost: 25-35 Lari

Megrelia, located in the northwest of Georgia, is known for spicy sauces, delicious barbecue meats, and their signature stew: kharcho. Megruli Sakhli serves Megrelian cuisine, providing a taste of western Georgia without ever leaving Tbilisi. And the place is classy without being overpriced. Although not international cuisine, this restaurant offers a unique Georgian taste, and is distinct from eastern Georgian cuisine.

La Gamba Italian Restaurant

4 Iakob Nikoladze St
Meal cost: 30-40 Lari

La Gamba offers Italian cuisine, specifically thin crust pizza and paninis, at a reasonable price. This hidden gem serves personally sized pies, each costing anywhere from 20-30 lari. This restaurant will satisfy your craving for authentic Italian cuisine.

Seven Iranian Restaurant

198 Mikheili Tsinamdzghvrishvili St
Meal cost: 25-35 Lari

Seven Restaurant serves authentic Iranian cuisine. Dishes include barbecue meats and plov-style rice dishes. Although not located directly in the center of the city, this is another place to find international cuisine not often found in America. Dishes are generally inexpensive and incredibly tasty.

Kitchen Bon Japanese Food

21 Merab Kostava St
Meal cost: 20-30 Lari

Kitchen Bon is a modern Japanese cafe that offers some new innovations on traditional dishes. If you visit , trying the “Sushi-dog” is a must (A hotdog sized sushi roll with your choice of shrimp, chicken, or vegetables). Only being open from 18:00-2:00, this makes for a great late night stop if you’re craving fried Japanese-style grub.

Sake Sushi Bar

4 Besiki Square
Meal cost: 35-45 Lari

If you’re looking for more traditional Japanese cuisine, Sake Sushi Bar offers yakisoba noodles, fried rice, and of course, Sushi. While this classy Japanese spot will cost you a little more than most, the Sushi is always delicious and fresh. They offer California rolls, Philadelphia rolls, Alaskan rolls, and more familiar rolls you may have encountered in America.

The Food Factory Indian Restaurant

Tbilisi City, Davit Agmashenebeli Avenue, N 93
Meal cost: 30-40 Lari

Located in the very popular Marjanishvili neighborhood, The Food Factory is an Indian restaurant that serves the best curries, naan bread, and samosa you’ll find in Tbilisi. A modern restaurant, you’ll find all of the Indian staples including chicken masala, butter chicken and much more. Located only one block away from the Metro, it is very accessible and conveniently located.

Club 13 Shawarma

12 Merab Kostava St
Meal cost: 10-20 Lari

Club 13 Shawarma is a cozy little shawarma joint tucked into the tunnel next to Rustaveli Metro.  It is very well priced with what I found to be delicious food.  Their small shawarma, at approximately a foot long, costs only 9 GEL ($3.50).  However, if you’re really hungry, for just 11 GEL ($4.25) you can get a medium shawarma or a large for 16 GEL ($6).  It is a very small business, with typically only one or two employees present at a time, and the person cooking is almost always the same. I’ve found them to be very friendly, more so than their competitor next door, even helping us carry our food upstairs when we visit in groups.  Additionally, some of their employees speak Russian, so this place provides an excellent opportunity to practice our language skills.International Eateries in Tbilisi: Eating around the World in Georgia International Eateries in Tbilisi: Eating around the World in Georgia

They are often open very late into the night, usually until 1 or 2 a.m., so it’s always convenient. Overall, with their low prices, good customer service, convenient location and hours, and delicious food in enormous portions, Club 13 Shawarma is by far one of my favorite places to eat in Tbilisi.

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This resource is part of our much wider Guide to Tbilisi.

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