Arriving to your study abroad destination is perhaps not as easy as it sounds. You’ll be tired and jet-lagged from the long journey. You’ll be entering a society that speaks a language you are perhaps not entirely comfortable with yet. SRAS provides full orientation for its programs – from pre-arrival information to airport pickup and assistance in getting checked into the dorms to showing you where and how to get food and access to the internet. Full details will be listed on individual program pages and communicated by email during your application and pre-departure experience.

Below are some quick peeks into how some of our students have experienced their entry into study abroad.

Arrival in Warsaw: Student Impressions

Let our Warsaw students let you know what to expect when arriving to Warsaw! Heading abroad is always a big step and can feel exciting or overwhelming – or both. Learn from the experience of others and hit the ground running! How did you feel when you first arrived? Eric Nesbitt (Fall, 2019): Eric Nesbitt: […]

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