Author: Jonathan Rainey

Vladivostok Study Abroad Reviews

We asked some SRAS graduates to share their open and honest evaluations of their experiences on SRAS Study Abroad Programs in Vladivostok. SRAS actively seeks out feedback from students on all programs so that we can continually improve our offerings. Morgan Henson (Spring, 2019) My time in Vladivostok has been memorable. There were extreme positives […]

A Trip to Khabarovsk from Vladivostok

Russia celebrates March 8th, along with many other countries around the world, as International Women’s Day. The holiday is a big deal here. This is evident from all the obscure 24-hour flower shops flinging their doors open wide and preparing for the inevitable inrush of men buying bouquets for the important women in their life. […]

Vladivostok Housing

SRAS Programs in Vladivostok are hosted at the Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service (VSUES) and students live in on-campus dormitories run by that institution. Living Conditions at the VSUES Dormitories Jonathan Rainey (Spring, 2016): The dormitories are connected to the main university buildings by way of an escalator. This is quite nice in […]

Couch Surfing Community in Vladivostok

Couch Surfing Networking Events Various Locations, Costs While the university is a great place to meet people, and I have no doubt that I’ll continue to make new friends here, it does have the sense of an isolated community. Universities tend to be their own small worlds, able to let students function independently from the […]

The Art of Daily Practice and Conversations

It’s a little bit surprising to look at the calendar and think that half of my first semester in Vladivostok is already gone. Seven weeks seem to have effortlessly drifted by in strict contention with my own efforts at learning the Russian language. I can say that my knowledge of Russian when I arrived in […]

Hiking Excursion to Falaza Mountain from Vladivostok

Fall has arrived in Vladivostok. The temperatures have begun to dip well into chilly territory, and the leaves are turning their bright hues. But inside the city doesn’t offer too much in the way of seeing fall beauty, so I had to get out over the weekend to experience some natural beauty. Shortly after I […]