SRAS Study Abroad Programs

SRAS programs offer language instruction and, optionally, electives in English that are geared to what each location can best teach. Thus, students can study nearly anything from literature to politics, art, environmental history, anthropology, security, and much more. All regular SRAS programs come with an extensive cultural package, including some out-of-city travel, as well as 24-hour support so that students can feel secure even while enjoying the independence they need to pursue individual interests and to have the experiences that are needed to make the most of study abroad.

We have asked several students to provide open, honest reviews of their program experiences here. We hope that they will be helpful in assisting future students to choose the best program and location for them as well as to prepare for their time abroad. For inquiries about SRAS programs, please contact SRAS.

Kyiv Study Abroad Reviews

We asked some SRAS graduates to share their open and honest evaluations of their experiences on SRAS Study Abroad in Kyiv. SRAS actively seeks out feedback from students on all programs so that we can continually improve our offerings. Samantha Dunlap (Fall, 2019) The first step to studying abroad is choosing where to study abroad. […]

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