Author: Hannah Chapman

Moscow’s Markets

By Hannah Chapman One of the best things about Moscow is the ubiquitous rynok, or marketplace. While Western-style supermarkets are now proliferate, many Muscovites continue to do their everyday shopping at their neighborhood rynok. Nearly all districts have at least one that sells everything from fresh breads and meats, dairy products, fruits and vegetables, flowers, and […]

The Cold War Bunker

By Hannah Chapman Situated sixty-five meters (more than 200 feet) below Moscow’s streets is “The Secure Command Post ‘Taganskaya,’” a former secret military command center and bomb shelter. Constructed in the 1950s during the height of the Cold War, it was built to serve as an air-defense communication center in the event of a nuclear […]

Palace of the Boyars Romanov

By Hannah Chapman Five minutes away from Red Square, between a few small churches, stands the old palace of the famous Romanov boyars. Built by the brother-in-law of Ivan the Terrible and grandfather of Tsar Mikhail Romanov in the sixteenth century, it housed the family until 1613 when Mikhail Romanov became Tsar. After the Romanovs […]

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