Salmon and cucumber блин

Ukh, Ty Blin! in Vladivostok

Published: March 25, 2013

Ukh, Ty Blin!/Ух, Ты Блин!
Ул. Адмирал Фокина, д. 9
10 am – 9 pm Daily
Meals from $4

Having just come out of the Масленица (Maslenitsa) season, I was going through блины (bliny) withdrawal pretty badly. As usual, however, I was too lazy to put hand to stovetop on my own, so I, along with my SRAS partner in crime Danielle Covolo, hurried on down to a little блины bar that I had heard about in the center, called Ух, ты блин (Ukh, ty blin; a cute play on a Russian almost-expletive).

Located basically at the heart of the city, the place is a snap to find. Upon getting inside, however, I was a bit disappointed: the focus did not seem to be on блины. In fact, the place seemed more like a Starbucks that just happened to have a блины snack menu; the assortment was not that varied, and the number of hot coffee drinks, soup concoctions and deserts by far overshadowed the блины list. Since we had come, however, I decided to give it a go. The way the restaurant is styled, you first place your order at a counter, and you then choose a seat and wait for your food and drink to be brought out to you. I was at first puzzled by the fact that they didn’t give out some kind of number to the customers to verify orders, but I quickly began to understand as I realized how small the place actually was. Luckily Danielle and I were able to snag a table, but I can imagine that during a lunch rush, Ух, ты блин would not be the place to go if you wanted assured seating.

I ordered a savory блин with salmon and cucumber for 150 ru, a sweet one with cooked condensed milk, to which I added ice cream for 85 ru, and a non-alcoholic глинтвейн (glintvein; mulled wine/spice drink) for 50 ru. Our food was brought out to us fairly quickly, and I will admit that the блины were quite large and quite filling. That is, however, the end of the good things that I can say about them. The блины themselves were of mediocre quality at best. In fact, I can make better homemade ones when the mood arises, which is a sad comment to have to make about a café that supposedly focuses on this type of food. Furthermore, the глинтвейн was way too sweet, and there was not a thing mulled about the drink; it tasted like semi-heated Kool-Aid with a tangy after-kick. Thus, in short, I cannot say that I would recommend Ух, ты блин at all. Save your money and make your own блины at home!

For groups and faculty-led tours, I would not recommend this café either, as the seating has the potential to be very tight, and I do not see a group being very comfortable in the confines of the place even were there enough seats available.

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