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ToDaSyo: Excellent Japanese in Moscow

Published: July 24, 2017

ToDaSyo / ТоДаСе
Locations around Moscow
Meals for around 600ru ($10)

After hearing a very positive recommendation from a friend, I decided to take a trip to a really cool Japanese restaurant, ТоДаСе (ToDaSyo.) This place is worth checking out if you are planning a sushi night with friends, or if you would like to enjoy some great traditional Japanese food in a unique atmosphere.

ToDaSyo is the perfect place to visit if you are in the mood for a calm sit-down style restaurant. There are two sections of the building–inside and outside. The outside section resides under a tent with twinkling lights that illuminate the table area. The inside area is leveled off into even more sections, and the height differences between the various sections are bathed in black lights. It’s a very interesting and unique scene! On each wall hangs a flat screen with videos showing how the restaurant’s food is prepared–it’s not the most enjoyable visual to watch while you are hungrily awaiting the arrival of your food, but it’s still fascinating to watch exactly how even the most obscure types of food are prepared!

ТоДаСе boasts a very interesting restaurant layout.


When I visited ToDaSyo, I ordered wheat noodles with chicken (“пшеничная лапша с курицей,”) and some spicy ginger tea. Let me tell you right now: as someone who is not an avid tea drinker, this perfect blend of flavors in a glass of scalding hot water was without a doubt the highlight of my dinner. I actually considered asking our waitress for the recipe, but I ended up chickening out because I didn’t want to be rude. If I am to leave the reader of this article with one note, it would be to try the spicy ginger tea at ToDaSyo.

My entire meal cost just about 600 rubles — 300 for the pasta and another 300 after I ordered two cups of tea.

ToDaSyo also has a wide variety of sushi! My friend ordered a set of sushi called “The Seasons” (Сет “Времена года.”) For the very low price of just 619 rubles, you get 24 pieces of sushi with tuna, salmon, cucumber and avocado! It’s a very good deal. As far as other sushi sets go, you should expect to pay around 1500 rubles for a more intricate plate (with crab, tempura style, etc.) Sushi rolls also vary by quality and ingredients. Prices vary from 60 rubles for simple rolls to around 500 rubles for more decadent rolls. There are options at ToDaSyo to meet anyone’s budget!

“The Seasons” sushi set – Courtesy of ТоДаСе


Next time you are exploring the city center, pop into ToDaSyo to relax in some comfy chairs and enjoy great food…and spicy ginger tea. Don’t forget about the tea.

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