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Tochka Sushi in Vladivostok

Published: December 2, 2011

Точка Суши  / Tochka Sushi 
ул. Светланская, 4 
Hours of Operation: Daily from 10:00 am – 12:00 am
Price: $8-$12, Business Lunch for ~$8

Being from central Illinois, I don’t eat a whole lot of sushi. Yet, when I found out that I was going to be living in Vladivostok, with all of its eastern influences, I knew I would have give it a try. I’ve now been to a few different sushi places in Vladivostok, and can say that Точка суши offers the best value. It’s located right next to the Oкеан movie theatre, and is a perfect place for grabbing a quick sushi meal before or after a movie.

Точка суши is in fact a chain, and has many different restaurants located throughout the city. One of the branches (paired up with a pizza shop) is even a sort of walk-up shop, where you simply order and take the food home. However, the Точка суши I’m writing about is a sit-down café which only recently opened. Being so close to the theatre, the theme of this Точка суши is “Кино-кафе” (Cinema-café). The walls of the café are lined with small TVs, which constantly play movies, anime, and cartoons. While the idea seems nice, the execution needs some work, as the audio of the movie can sometimes drown out your conversation. Not only that, but, unless you get a booth, you are probably going to be uncomfortable hunched over on a little stool.

But, despite some of these minor negatives about the environment, the food is incredibly tasty. Their menu (they even have English menus, if you ask for them) is quite large. There are upwards of 30 different types of sushi and rolls. They also list various seafood salads. If you want something cooked, they offer hot dishes, including cooked eel with teriyaki sauce, salmon kebabs, and dumplings. Sushi is usually priced between 150 and 300 rubles, depending on the type of fish. For example, I usually get California Rolls, which are about 150 rubles. Red California Rolls (with red caviar) cost another 50 rubles. The hot dishes range from about 100 rubles for the little kebabs to 300 rubles for fried dumplings. Salads are anywhere between 200 and 400 rubles. The reason I picked this place over others, however, is because they offer a great deal in their “business lunch”, which is available Monday-Friday from noon until 4 pm. The meal includes a cup of tea, 8 sushi rolls (4 California and 4 Aguro), a huge bowl of rice, and your choice of entrée (kebabs, dumplings, or miso soup). All of this costs only 235 rubles, and would normally cost 400 on the regular menu.

The service in this café is amazing, almost to the point of being creepily fast. The kitchen opens up onto the sitting area, and the waitresses tend to hover over your every move. No more than 10 seconds after you finish a plate or use a napkin, they are whisking them away from you. Yet, this also means that you can get your order placed and check paid as soon as you want. So, if you are in a hurry and want sushi (which can often mean an hour-long meal in Vladivostok), this place is for you.

My final verdict for this place is that, if you don’t mind waitresses constantly staring at you or the occasional loud movie track, then this place is the best bang for your buck in terms of sushi. The food is fresh, the service is quick, and it’s located near other good “date” points. While the café would have trouble fitting a large group of people, Точка суши is a perfect place for a quick sushi bite with a few friends.

For groups and faculty-led tours, Точка суши is probably not a good option as the establishment is small and often busy. If you can order some take-away (particularly if you do it in advance) and head elsewhere with it, however, it can be a reasonably quick and cheap option.

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