Sea buckthorn - highly recommended.

Tea 42 in Moscow

Published: July 20, 2015

Cafe 42
ул. Красноказарменная, 23, Москва
Hours: 9:00-23:00
Closed: Sunday
Meals from 350 rubles+
8 (919) 992-62-11

Tea 42 is located about 15 minutes walking distance from the Higher School of Economics dormitories at Aviamotornaya. This is my favorite place in the area to get work done or relax. It’s quiet and spacious. Like many cafes, it serves tea, coffee, and good food. However, what sets it apart from other cafes is that I never feel guilty about staying here for a long time. The service is very good, but they will also let you be. There is one waitress that usually works here. She’s very sweet, and always patient with us as we spend time poring over the menu.

Their fruit teas seem to be popular here. They are made with actual crushed fruits, and served in 500 ml tea presses, plenty tea to share with about three people. Per our waitress’s recommendation, we tried a tea made from crushed oblepikhi or sea buckthorn berries. These are bright orange berries you may have noticed in some lemonades, or sold by the cupful in the bazaars. The sea buckthorn tea was served hot, and tasted like a sweet, slightly tart fruit juice. Even the non tea-lover in our group loved it.

The old pastries on display are only there to give you an idea of what they offer, so don’t be put off by them. Their pastries are actually very fresh. I highly recommend their chocolate muffin, which was light and fluffy. Their croissants are very good as well. For main courses, I ordered their Chateaubriand. This steak came out medium done, and was quite delicious. My friend ordered a ham and cheese croissant and loved it.

Overall, if you want a break from a chain like Coffee House (Kofe Khaus) or Shokolodnitsa, Tea 42 has a certain warm charm that the other two lack.

For groups and faculty-led tours, it may take awhile to get served. It may also not bring much cultural value. There is plenty of seating, however.

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