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Sushi-T in Vladivostok

Published: October 22, 2012

Ул. Некрасовская, д. 100 /
Hours: Sun-Thurs 10 am – 11 pm, Fri-Sat 10 am – 12 am
Meals from $7 

So the very purpose of my reporting to you, the interested, on food locations in Russia’s eastern outpost is to encourage you, when you make the trip, to get out and explore some of the wonderful and not-so-expensive sites that the Vladivostok has to offer. However, if you come here as a student, like many of us, there will be periods when you just want to “stay in,” especially during the monsoon-like rains that water the streets of the city from time to time. You will be excited to know (as I was) that, in service of this goal, there is indeed delivery in Vladivostok! One of the seemingly largest outfits for this is a place called Суши-Т (Sushi-T).

As the name implies, Суши-Т specializes in sushi, but as with many places in Russia for some reason, sushi is an equal partner with pizza on the menu. There is also a full array of hot Asiatic fare, such as udon and soba noodles with various meat/vegetable accompaniments. My girl Megan, a fellow SRAS student, and I decided to go for the pizza and soba noodle options (219 rubles), respectively, as much of the sushi that was worth ordering was a little over the project budget of 280 ru for a full meal. We then topped our orders off with a beer each for dessert (60 ru)!

After placing our order online, a very nice dispatcher from the restaurant called us to confirm our order, and about 45 minutes later our delivery driver called us to say that he was on campus. Actually getting the food from the driver was probably the largest hurdle in the whole process, as VGUES is expansive, and even if you give delivery drivers the exact dorm address, it is unlikely that they will understand the complex scheme of entrances and exits, many of which are closed depending upon the time of day and the inclination of the guards on-site. All in all, after several calls exchanged and, happily, some patience and perseverance on the driver’s part, we were able to connect and get our food!

In terms of the food itself, I was a bit disappointed with my lot, as the seafood soba noodles came in a relatively small little container (yes, they do give the weight online, but it’s all metric, and what American can approximate what 250g of a dish will look like?!). Once I started tucking in, however, I realized that the noodles were indeed pretty filling. What was actually lacking, however, was genuine taste. The noodles were quite oily and the seafood within them not exactly seasoned to the right degree, and thus the whole dish ended up having one, monotonous, sesame/peanut oil-type taste. It wasn’t horrible, but it definitely was not a dish to write home about.

I will say, however, in the interest of maintaining Суши-Т as a viable option for those who follow after me that the calamari and ham pizza that Meghan ordered, which if paired with some drink cheaper than the beer we ordered would be within the project budget, was quite good. The texture variation between the chewier calamari and the crisper ham made the tongue happy, and the Italian-style very thin crust paired with the sparing but nicely seasoned sauce really hit the spot. Overall, I will probably be trying this place again, and ordering the pizza instead!

For groups and faculty-led tours, Суши-Т would obviously not be a good choice, as it is, from what I can gather, only delivery or carry out.

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