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Starlite Diner – A Taste of America in Moscow

Published: August 6, 2017

Starlite Diner
(with Russian Politics Presentation)
Breakfast and presentation included as part of SRAS Cultural Program
Summer, 2017
Locations throughout Moscow; Hours vary
Otherwise, meals available for about $12-15

In celebration of the Fourth of July, the students of SRAS Moscow were invited to breakfast at an American-themed restaurant called, “Starlite Diner.”

Starlet Diner takes the idea of “American diner” very seriously. Red padded stools around an aluminum bar, rock and roll band posters littering the walls, and a real working juke box all help to tie together the homey feeling of a retro cafe.

Photo Courtesy of Mygola

The menu at the restaurant was possibly more American than food in American chains! There were bacon and eggs, burgers with fries, hotdogs, and my favorite item–mutant sized milkshakes!

The milkshakes alone are enough to feed a small village. One of my favorites is a huge glass dipped in melted chocolate with the rim coated in M&Ms and chocolate shavings. On top of the milkshake itself is a thick layer of whipped cream, more M&Ms, and a cherry!

This time I ordered a stack of pancakes, a bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich, and a chocolate milkshake. While everyone ate, we listened to a very interesting presentation and later held a discussion about the past, present, and future of Russian politics, hosted by SRAS Assistant Director Josh Wilson. This excursion was both informative and delicious–a perfect way to celebrate America’s birthday while not being in the country itself.

*Angels sing*

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Sam Barrett is an Economics major who believes international finance and communication are two of the most crucial fields to understand for the future. She is thus studying the Russian language at Moscow State University. After graduation, she hopes to eventually land a job in the United States Embassy in Moscow. In her free time, she enjoys long boarding, eating chocolate, and petting as many dogs as humanly possible!

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