Steamy barbecue chicken sandwich and a blueberry pie latte with whipped cream. YUM. (Фокачина с курицей барбекью, латте черничный пирог)

Шоколадница – The Cafe King of Moscow

Published: June 30, 2017

Шоколадница / Shokoladnitsa
Locations across Moscow
Hours vary by location
Budget: ~600 rubles for meal

Looking for a quiet place to enjoy great food and get some studying done? Check out one of Moscow’s ubiquitous Шоколадница (Shokoladnitsa) branches—they are absolutely everywhere! With around one hundred cafés in Moscow alone, you will have no trouble at all with finding a Шоколадница in your neighborhood!

My modelesque friend about to enjoy some delicious breakfast popovers, and me about to cry tears of happiness as I eat Russian pancakes with fruit!

Шоколадница has a wonderfully calm atmosphere, and many locations have comfortable cushioned chairs that are set up family-style…perfect for enjoying some tea with friends after class! After seating yourself and giving your order to the waiter or waitress, it’s simply too easy to watch hours go by as you take advantage of the free Wi-Fi and addictive menu.

My favorite item on Шоколадница’s extensive menu is Блинчики с творогом и свежими ягодами (pancakes with cottage cheese and fresh berries.) However, my notorious sweet tooth is not the only taste that can be appeased at this café! Шоколадница also offers a wide variety of fresh salads and nutritious lunches. If you decide to visit a Шоколадница location for lunch, I would strongly recommend that you try the салат с сочной курицей и чечевицей (salad with juicy chicken and lentils.) At just 180 rubles, it pairs very nicely with most of the main dishes and sandwiches available at Шоколадница.

In addition to the usual coffee lineup, Шоколадница offers a signature какао домашнее (house hot chocolate,) which is absolutely to die for (the name of the restaurant actually means “chocolatier,” go figure). The cappuccino, with lots of foamed milk, is also a current favorite of mine.


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