Located centrally, the Satisfied Dragon is just a short walk away from the center's bus stop and the gorgeous seafront scene.

Satisfied Dragon Cafeteria in Vladivostok

Published: March 12, 2012

The Satisfied Dragon / Сытый Горыныч

ул.Адмирала Фокина, 4а
Hours of Operation:  Monday –Friday – 11:00 am – 11:00 pm
Saturday – Sunday – 11:00 am – 12:00 am
Meals from $5

The Satisfied Dragon, or Сытый Горыныч, is a local chain of cafeteria-style cafes here in Vladivostok.  With three different locations in Vladivostok, the café makes for an excellent cheap eats, especially if you are just looking for some classic Russian dishes.

The specific café that I’ve visited is located downtown on Fokina Street, near the sea side.  While the exterior of the building that the café is located in is quite bland and doesn’t stand out, what caught my eye was the café’s sign, which had a traditional Russian three-headed dragon looking quite full and sleepy.  The interior of the building, in contrast to the exterior, is quite beautiful.  They went for the village charm feeling, and as such, the café has wooden decorations, images of the Russian country side, and strings of peppers and garlic hanging all around.  The typical lunch crowd is usually a bunch of businessmen and police officers, who usually grumble their way through the line and then eat like they haven’t seen food in days.

The food itself was exactly what I expected.  They displayed various salads, soups, and hot dishes that you might find in any Russian home.  They also have pizzas, but I have yet to try one of those.  The last time I visited, I ordered a beet salad (27 rubles), Харчо, or spiced meat soup (50 rubles), a piece of meatloaf and rice (95 rubles), and some compote and bread (16 rubles).  The total came out to be 188 rubles, and I left feeling much like the name of the café.  The variety is quite large, which is nice, because it means there is bound to be some new Russian dish that you haven’t had before.  For me it was the soup.  I was surprised to find that it actually had some spice to it, since most Russians soups are a bit bland (though tasty!).

In general, the service at the restaurant was quick and professional.  It’s also a good place if you are someone that isn’t entirely confident with their Russian yet.  You can just point at whatever you want and they’ll understand.  If you’re looking for a quick place to grab a bite to eat, and you don’t mind eating next to some grumbling business men, give it try.  You won’t be disappointed.

For groups and faculty-led tours, there is enough seating in any of the three cafes for a group of 12-15 students.  For groups larger than 15, it would be advisable to visit the Satisfied Dragon cafe on 100th Year Prospekt Street (ул. Проспект 100-лет, 57г)

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