Lost Luggage: Building Russian Vocabulary

Published: February 1, 2019

The following bilingual Russian MiniLesson is meant to build your vocabulary by providing Russian phrases within English text. Hover over the bold Russian to reveal its English translation.

There are many potential problems you might experience when traveling, and one of the most common is потерянный багаж. Если багаж потерян, you should обратиться к сотрудникам службы розыска багажа до выхода из зоны прибытия. Вам будет необходимо заполнить специальную форму to begin the поиск потерянного багажа. If you traveled on different airlines on various этапы поездки, you should notify the airline that took you to your пункт назначения.

When filling out the lost luggage form, you will need for a местный адрес where your luggage can be sent. Sometimes you will need to come back to the airport to забрать your suitcase, but you may be asked for a местный адрес, just in case. You will also need to know your номер рейса. In addition, you should have a багажная квитанция on the back of your посадочный талон that you received when you сдал(а) чемодан at your пункт вылета. Airline personnel will need the information on this tag to отслеживать your luggage.

In your discussion with airline personnel, they will ask you to описать your lost baggage. For instance, do you have a чемодан на колесах or a большая спортивная сумка, is your suitcase жесткий или мягкий, and is it тканевый или пластиковый? You should also describe the color, and whether it has any узор, such as в горошек or в полоску. You may also be asked about the приблизительный размер.

Each airline has its own specific policy towards bag searches. With Aeroflot, for example, the search for lost luggage производится в течение 21 дня с момента получения заявления от пассажира. If the luggage is not found within 21 days, пассажир может предъявить перевозчику письменную претензию. Решение о денежной компенсации и ее размерах will be made in accordance to the airline’s policies.

It helps if you have a багажная бирка on your luggage when you travel. This way, you can be sure that no one will случайно take your bag, since the majority of suitcases are black and look very similar.

It’s also possible that you forgot something on board the aircraft when you выходить из самолета, which you didn’t realize until you already left the airplane. In this case, there is usually a phone number you can call for информация о забытых вещах на борту воздушного судна. For Aeroflot, this number is +7 (499) 500-6552. You should be able to find the number for other airlines by checking their site.

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