Translating Mandelstam in Vladivostok

Translating Mandelstam Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service One of the things that I enjoy about the Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service is how the Russian language department there is always trying to involve the international students in cultural events.  Whether it’s a weekend trip to an archeological dig site, or a […]

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Svetalanskaya Stolovaya in Vladivstok

Stolovaya on Svetlanskaya Street ул. Светланская 21 Price: $5-$8 Hours of Operation: Daily from 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m While my friends and family have been enjoying an unusually warm winter back in America, here in Vladivostok the weather has been as cold and windy as expected.  The café called simply Stolovaya, located on Svetlanskaya […]

New Year’s at Club BSB in Vladivostok

Club BSB Пр.Красного Знамени, 66 Hours of Operation: Tuesday – Sunday 9:00 pm – 5:00 am Cafe Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday 10:00 am – 4:00 pm Entrance Fee: 500 rubles Table Reservation: 1000 rubles Every Russian person you meet will tell you that New Year’s is the biggest holiday in the country.  Unfortunately, […]

Satisfied Dragon Cafeteria in Vladivostok

The Satisfied Dragon / Сытый Горыныч ул.Адмирала Фокина, 4а Hours of Operation:  Monday –Friday – 11:00 am – 11:00 pm Saturday – Sunday – 11:00 am – 12:00 am Meals from $5 The Satisfied Dragon, or Сытый Горыныч, is a local chain of cafeteria-style cafes here in Vladivostok.  With three different locations in Vladivostok, the […]

Jazz Festival in Vladivostok

VIII Международный джазовый фестиваль / VIII International Jazz Festival  Приморская Краевая Филармония / Primorskyi Krai Philharmonic Светланская ул., 15 / Svetlanskaya Street, 15    Tickets: 300 – 3000 Rubles As a former trombone player who has dabbled in a little jazz over the years, I was excited to hear that Vladivostok holds a yearly International […]

Pizza Land in Vladivostok

Pizza Land ул. Фонтанная, 35  Hours of Operation: Daily from 10am – 10pm Price: $7-$10 A tasty, cheap place for pizza in Vladivostok is the appropriately named Pizza Land. It’s located downtown, a few blocks from the Semyonovskaya bus stop. Pizza Land does have some expensive items on its menu, but if you can resist […]

KVN Primorsky League Final in Vladivostok

Приморский КВН Финал / Primorsky KVN Final Fesco Hall, Vladivostok  Verkhneportovaya Street, 38 Cost: 200 per ticket I was lucky enough to get invited to this cultural event by my Russian friend, Lena, who had acquired some tickets through work. Like most Americans, I assume, I had never heard of КВН and all I knew […]

Oki Doki Pizza in Vladivostok

Оки Доки / Oki Doki (Pizzeria and Russian Café) Алеутская, 11  Pizza for 208 Rubles There are quite a few pizza places sprawled about Vladivostok. You’ve got Pizza land, Pizza Bar, Pizza Mia, etc. But, in general, most places are going to charge you upwards of 350 rubles (around 11 dollars) for a medium pizza. […]

International Jazz Festival in Vladivostok

VIII Международный джазовый фестиваль / VIII International Jazz Festival  Приморская Краевая Филармония / Primorskyi Krai Philharmonic Светланская ул., 15 / Svetlanskaya Street, 15    Tickets: 300 – 3000 Rubles As a former trombone player who has dabbled in a little jazz over the years, I was excited to hear that Vladivostok holds a yearly International […]

Deputy Prime Minister Shuvalov’s Speech in Vladivostok

Deputy Prime Minister Shuvalov Visits VGUES While I wasn’t able to sit down with my family for a traditional Thanksgiving Day meal, I was treated to a certain Thanksgiving day surprise.  About a week before Thanksgiving, we Americans studying at VGUES were informed that Igor Shuvalov, a Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, was […]

Tochka Sushi in Vladivostok

Точка Суши  / Tochka Sushi  ул. Светланская, 4  Hours of Operation: Daily from 10:00 am – 12:00 am Price: $8-$12, Business Lunch for ~$8 Being from central Illinois, I don’t eat a whole lot of sushi. Yet, when I found out that I was going to be living in Vladivostok, with all of its eastern […]

Kofeika Cafeteria in Vladivostok

Кофейка / Kofeika Cafeteria / Coffee-Cocktail Bar Светланская ул., 23 Hours of Operation: Open 24 hours a day (круглосуточно) Price: $4-$8 (as low as 100 rubles for business lunch) Usually when I ask locals for advice concerning a cheap place to eat, they either tell me to cook for myself or point me to a […]

Republic Restaurant in Vladivostok

Republic Океанский проспект, 17  Hours of Operation: Sun – Mon – 10:00 am – 11:00 pm, Fri – Sat – 10:00 am – 12:00 am Meals for ~$5-$8 It’s my first time in Vladivostok, so I wasn’t exactly sure what places to check out. Of those students living at VGUES, most typically prepare their own […]

Primorsky State Museum in Vladivostok

Приморский Государственный Объединенный Музей им. В.К. Арсеньева / Primorsky State Associated Museum of V.K. Arsenyev Светланская ул., 20 / Svetlanskaya Street, 20   Hours of Operation: 9:30 a.m. – 5 p.m., Tuesday – Sunday Cost: 100 Rubles (70 with student ID), plus another 100 to use a camera Walking around Vladivostok recently, I noticed an advertisement […]

Museum of Automotoantiquity in Vladivostok

Музей Автомотостарины / Museum of Automotoantiquity  ул. Сахалинская, 2А / Sakhalinskaya Street, 2A  Hours of Operation: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m., Tuesday – Sunday Cost: 50 Rubles I recently went to the Музей Автомотостарины, (The Museum of Antique Cars and Motorcycles). As I’m not exactly a car enthusiast, I was initially skeptical. However, the exhibition […]

Oh Wow Blini in Vladivostok

 Ух ты, блин / Oh Wow, Blin (Dang) 9 улица Адмирала Фокина Blini/Pancake House Meals for $5 – $8 The mere name of the restaurant, Ух ты, блин, was enough to get me interested in this place. Set on Admiral Fokina, Vladivostok’s major pedestrian shopping street, the restaurant stands out against the horde of clothing […]

Paleo Village in Vladivostok

Paleo Village  Near Nakhodka Village, 3 hours from Vladivostok Open from 10am to 6pm, Closed Mondays Entrance: 1000-1500 Rubles (not including transportation) Have you ever been curious about who lived in Russia’s Far East before the Russians? Well, the Paleo Village is just the place to learn about the ancient inhabitants of the Asia’s far […]

Vladivostok: Fort No. 7

By Lisa Horner Lisa Horner works for SRAS in program development and student relations. Each month the SRAS newsletter features news and information about Russia! Vladivostok, along with dozens of other cities, was a closed city from 1958 to 1992. This means the city had special travel and residency restrictions. It was completely closed to […]

Chris Pike: Adventure, Teaching, and Giving Back in Russia

Chris Pike is a graduate student in Russian language and literature at Northwestern University. He is also an adventurer who has scaled mountains in Kamchatka and who has ridden a bicycle across the Gobi Desert. He has worked, studied, and interned in Russia as well and has recently completed another “arctic like” adventure on Lake […]

Interview with Robert Chandler: Translation as a Career and a Love

Robert Chandler graduated with a BA in Russian and English Literature from Leeds University.  His translations from Russian include Vasily Grossman’s Life and Fate and Everything Flows, Leskov’s Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk and Aleksander Pushkin’s The Captain’s Daughter. His co-translations of Andrey Platonov have won prizes both in the UK and in the USA.  His translation of Hamid Ismailov’s The Railway […]

Anne Fisher: Translation and Interpreting as Professions

Dr. Anne Fisher holds a Ph.D. in Russian Literature from The University of Michigan. She has taught Russian in several institutes of higher learning and is now a professional translator and interpertor living in California. Her first major translation, Ilf and Petrov’s American Road Trip: The 1935 Travelogue of Two Soviet Writers, was shortlisted for the […]

Renee Stillings: SRAS Program Director, Business Woman, Mother

Renee Stillings has been the Program Director for SRAS since 1996. She is also a co-founder of Alinga Consulting Group and a board member of the US-Russia Chamber of Commerce of New England.  All pictures (and captions) submitted by Renee Stillings. SRAS: When did you first become interested in Russia? Renee Stillings: In high school. I was already taking all […]

Interview with Chet Bowling: Business and Racism in Russia

Chet Bowling holds an MA in Law from the Russian People’s Friendship University in Russia and an MBA from Kingston University in the United Kingdom. He co-founded Alinga Consulting Group, a business providing accounting, legal, and audit services mostly to foreign firms. He has lived in Russia for nearly nineteen years, where he is now married […]

Tabitha Smith: Practical Pulsars

Tabitha Smith completed a customized Russian as a Second Language (RSL) program with The School of Russian and Asian Studies (SRAS) during the summer of 2009. The program combined a month of RSL in St. Petersburg, Russia, with visa and travel services to support a month of independently-arranged scientific research in Pushchino, Russia. Contact SRAS for more info on […]

Interview with Devin Connolly: War & Peace & Tourism

Devin Connolly participated in SRAS’s Russian as a Second Language program in St. Petersburg over the summer of 2004. She has since turned her love of language and traveling into a career with MIR, a specialty US-based tourism company that leads curious tourists through destinations spanning Ukraine, Iran, Russia, and Mongolia. SRAS: How did your interest in Russia and […]

Michele Whaley: Teaching Russian in Alaska Schools

Michele Whaley is a high school Russian teacher in Anchorage, Alaska. She recently took some time to tell us of her personal travels to Russia and the USSR, the many paths her students have taken with their Russian after graduation and what it takes to be a good teacher. SRAS: How did you get into teaching? […]

The Accidental Translator: Interview with Nora Favorov

Nora Favorov is a freelance, professional translator working in the Russian>English market and is an active member of the American Translator Association. She recently took some time from her piles of manuscripts to talk about how she came to work in her profession and what it’s like to work in a profession that often must bridge art […]

Terah Yaroch: Qualified for United Nations Employment

Terah Yaroch participated in The School of Russian and Asian Studies’ RSL program in Irkutsk over the summer of 2006. With this international experience, and an ambitious BA from the University of South Dakota which included a double major in International Studies and History with a double minor in Russian and Political Science, she landed a job with the United Nations […]

Owen Murray: Study Abroad in Later Life

Owen Murray started learning Russian late in life after meeting several Russian businessmen at a Rotary Club in California. He has since learned much of the language, traversed much of European Russia, and made a surprising number of friends, acquaintances, and good impressions on both sides of the Pacific through his genuine love for the […]

Baruch M. Gurfein: New Tech in Moldova

Baruch M. Gurfein is a former AOL business development executive (ICQ) who is now Founding Partner & CEO at New Tech, a successful investment and business development company. New Tech has focused on the former USSR from Moldova on one side to Kyrgyzstan on the other with many successful projects in telecom, infrastructure and real […]

Michael Kogan: Teaching and Living in Russia

Michael Kogan has an undergraduate degree in history from Indiana University.  He plans to attend the University of Toronto next year to study Soviet history.  In the interim, he has been teaching English at the American Home in Vladimir, Russia for almost one year now. His insights below should be valuable to those contemplating using teaching jobs […]

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