Interview with Devin Connolly: War & Peace & Tourism

Devin Connolly participated in SRAS’s Russian as a Second Language program in St. Petersburg over the summer of 2004. She has since turned her love of language and traveling into a career with MIR, a specialty US-based tourism company that leads curious tourists through destinations spanning Ukraine, Iran, Russia, and Mongolia. SRAS: How did your interest in Russia and […]

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Michele Whaley: Teaching Russian in Alaska Schools

Michele Whaley is a high school Russian teacher in Anchorage, Alaska. She recently took some time to tell us of her personal travels to Russia and the USSR, the many paths her students have taken with their Russian after graduation and what it takes to be a good teacher. SRAS: How did you get into teaching? […]

The Accidental Translator: Interview with Nora Favorov

Nora Favorov is a freelance, professional translator working in the Russian>English market and is an active member of the American Translator Association. She recently took some time from her piles of manuscripts to talk about how she came to work in her profession and what it’s like to work in a profession that often must bridge art […]

Terah Yaroch: Qualified for United Nations Employment

Terah Yaroch participated in The School of Russian and Asian Studies’ RSL program in Irkutsk over the summer of 2006. With this international experience, and an ambitious BA from the University of South Dakota which included a double major in International Studies and History with a double minor in Russian and Political Science, she landed a job with the United Nations […]

Heidi McCormack: From International Degree to International Career

Heidi McCormack turned a degree in International Studies and a masters degree earned abroad into a successful 10-year career with General Motors in one of GM’s fastest growing markets – Russia. Fluent in Russian and Spanish, Ms. McCormack is now the Director for New Business Development for GM’s Russian operations. Her responsibilities include strategy development and execution, […]

Owen Murray: Study Abroad in Later Life

Owen Murray started learning Russian late in life after meeting several Russian businessmen at a Rotary Club in California. He has since learned much of the language, traversed much of European Russia, and made a surprising number of friends, acquaintances, and good impressions on both sides of the Pacific through his genuine love for the […]

Baruch M. Gurfein: New Tech in Moldova

Baruch M. Gurfein is a former AOL business development executive (ICQ) who is now Founding Partner & CEO at New Tech, a successful investment and business development company. New Tech has focused on the former USSR from Moldova on one side to Kyrgyzstan on the other with many successful projects in telecom, infrastructure and real […]

Michael Kogan: Teaching and Living in Russia

Michael Kogan has an undergraduate degree in history from Indiana University.  He plans to attend the University of Toronto next year to study Soviet history.  In the interim, he has been teaching English at the American Home in Vladimir, Russia for almost one year now. His insights below should be valuable to those contemplating using teaching jobs […]

Learning and Culture Shock in St. Petersburg

Studying Outside the Box: A brief guide to culture shock and the meaning of learning and “fluency.” I use my thumbnail to scratch a viewing patch out of the ice that has accumulated on the window to my left, the edges jagged due to the jostling of the train as it rumbles along the track. […]

Becky Bavinger: Doctors of the World, St. Petersburg

Becky Bavinger is a senior at Georgetown University with a strong interest in volunteerism.  This summer she took classes at SPGU and held an internship with Doctors of the World. SRAS:  Becky, it’s great to finally sit down with you.  Becky:  Great to see you too. Sorry it took me a while to respond to […]

Sandra Evans: EUSP Graduate

Since earning an MA from EUSP, Sandra Evans has worked on and for various academic projects. SRAS: You completed the IMARS Masters program at EUSP. When did you first become interested in Russian studies? Sandra: My interest in the ‘other’ has always been strong and as a child that was exposed to he Cold War […]

Neal Kumar: Student of the European University at St. Petersburg

Neal Kumar is an American graduate of the Russian Studies program at the European University at St. Petersburg. This program is quickly becoming known as one of the world’s best, not only for its academic rigor, of course, but also for its location in one of Russia’s historical capitals. Neal took some time from his […]

Morgyn Chandler: SRAS Graduate

Morgyn Chandler is a Russian studies convert from Canada who recently studied in St. Petersburg. SRAS: Introduce yourself to us; what is your background and what are your future plans? Morgyn: Currently I am in my fourth year of my undergraduate degree, I will graduate in May with a bachelor’s degree in Russian and Russian […]

Amy Brady: SRAS Graduate

Amy Brady hopes to work as an interpreter someday. She is a graduate student who will soon be studying at the Monterey Institute of International Studies. SRAS: Tell us a bit about yourself, Amy. Amy: I’ve been studying Russian since 1999. I actually got my Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature from UCLA in 1997, but […]

Monica Belz: SRAS Graduate

Monica Belz attended Saint Petersburg University with SRAS in the summer of 2003. She had, we believe we can safely say, the quintessential Russian experience while there: living with a host family, traveling by train, and a good dose of culture shock with plenty of “banya whacking” and blini. Monica graciously gave us a bit […]

Underground Theater in St. Petersburg

As I attended my 20th class at St. Petersburg State University, an old woman waltzed into the room speaking rapid-fire Russian, waving theater tickets and emphasizing the words Fyodor Dostoevsky with much grandeur. My curiosity was piqued. The tickets were handwritten, the location of the theater obscure. In bold on the front of the ticket […]

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