English First: Teacher’s Review in Moscow

Teaching is truly one of the most difficult jobs one can attempt. Firstly, organizational and time management skills are a must. Work does not stop once class is over; it is the teacher’s responsibility to be well disciplined and prepared. Teaching English at English First in Russia can build confidence and understanding; it is a […]

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Paul E. Richardson: Russian Information Services

Paul Richardson is president and founder of Russian Information Services (RIS), a leading publisher of English language publications on Russia including books, maps, and Russian Life magazine.  RIS was also publisher of Russia Survival Guide: Business & Travel (1990-1996), one of the first truly informed business and travel guides to Russia post-perestroika. See his personal […]

Christine Nakahara: Studying, Interning, and Multiculturalism in Moscow

Christine Nakahara studied Russian and Business at Moscow State University (MGU) and even found herself a job at a law firm in Moscow. SRAS: We understand that your first love was classical music. How did that translate into a love for Russian? Christine: I’d been seriously playing the piano & violin since I was a toddler. I learned to have […]

Brian Horne: Studying, Researching, and Funding

Brian Horne is pursuing his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago in anthropology. He studied at MGU on SRAS’s direct enrollment language study option. He also used this affiliation with MGU to access archives within Russia to perform dissertation research. SRAS: We have heard that your interest in Russia was “accidental.” How did this come about? […]

Mark Lanning: Studying, Interning, and Funding

Mark Lanning has a resume to envy. He’s earning a Masters at Princeton in Public and International Affairs and has served internships with Colin Powell, the Carnegie Foundation, and Chevron-Texaco. To boot, he knows a handful of languages including Russian, German, and now some Chinese. He took some time to talk with us about internships […]

Bernie Sucher: Capital Markets and Investment

Bernard Sucher has been part of Russia’s capital markets since their beginning. As the leader of Alfa Bank’s client portfolio management business, he takes on the challenge of helping build a savings industry central both to the long-term health of Russia’s economy and civil society. – from capitallinkrussia.com Bernie Sucher seems younger than he is; a […]

Seth Bridge: SRAS Graduate

Seth Bridge is a pre-law student interested in working in the field of US national security. He attended MGIMO to get a better understanding of Russia: it’s foreign policy, people, and mindset. SRAS: Tell us a bit about yourself, what you study and what first got you interested in Russia. Seth: I’m a 5th year […]

Brian Carlson: SRAS Graduate

Brian Carlson is a masters student in international relations hoping to work as a journalist in Russia. He chose MGIMO to augment his educational experience. SRAS: Introduce yourself to us: what is your background, what are your future plans? Brian: I started studying Russian during my junior year at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I was […]

Marshelle Machtan: SRAS Graduate

Marshelle Machtan participated in our Russia in the 21st Century in the summer of 2000. She has since gone on to earn two Master’s degrees from Bowling Green State University and is currently using her Russian language skills to serve a Peace Corps mission in Ukraine, a current hot-spot for world journalism as well as political […]

Steven Brown: Solntse Mexico in Moscow

The Soviets liked to do things big, as the massive industrial parks sprawling in the outskirts of Moscow will attest. These parks are as big as some towns, are often enclosed by walls, and circumvented only by the occasional road. In navigating them, a wrong turn can easily cost a traveler fifteen minutes before the […]

J. Quinn Martin: Editor-in-Chief, Passport Magazine

J. Quinn Martin is editor-in-chief of Passport Magazine. He graduated from Macalester College in 2002 with degrees in International Studies, Russian Language and Literature, and in Russian, Central and Eastern European studies. Upon graduation, Quinn moved to Moscow to work as a freelance journalist; his work has been printed in publications as diverse as Smithsonian […]

John Rose: Rose Creative Strategies

John Rose was one of the first advertisers to see promise in the newly open Soviet market, ca. 1989. Even after landing such major clients as Kodak, Coca-Cola, and Sony, many of his colleagues still thought he was crazy for investing in Russia. Today, however, Rose Creative Strategies is one of Russia’s top firms for […]

John Freedman: Man of the Newspaper, Theatre, etc.

John Freedman first came to Moscow in 1988 to research his dissertation for a Ph.D in Russian Literature. He found out a lot. He also found a woman he loves and some incredible professional and personal opportunities. He is now an editor for Moscow’s largest English-language newspaper, a published author and translator, and has been […]

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