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Rap Battle for New Talent in Vladivostok

Published: March 27, 2013

Rap Battle for New Talent/Rap Battle Новые Таланты
Бар-клуб Егерь – ул. Светланская, д. 18
March 16, 2013 – 5 pm
Entrance: 200 rub

One of the very cool things about living in a foreign city for an extended period of time is that you begin to actually become absorbed in the spheres of life that touch you personally. Such is the case with me and the rap scene in Vladivostok. Having become a participant in it during the early days of my first semester here, I have not been able to really tear myself away, and have come to know quite a few of the players in the game and support their constant efforts to organize events that will help to develop rap as a recognized art form in Vladivostok. To this end, I found myself front and center at one of the more “interesting” affairs that I have come across in town: a rap battle/forum for new talent

There were two things that I was not counting on, however: 1) that there would be no age limit for the event (it was, after all, in a club), and 2) that there would be no pre-battle auditions. The aforementioned conditions led to what I would label a considerably less than ideal experience. The tween/teen contingent was out in full force, and their loud talking, shoving and general under-footedness was a definite detraction from the performances going on. The fact that there were no pre-battle auditions meant that the audience, for which there were no chairs, had to stand through literally an hour and change of horrible, talentless performers, all brought out by the promise of a prize pot. The venue, Club Yeger, was also one of the dingiest, most badly organized, and, in general, ill-planned establishments that I have ever been in. Therefore, the event was doomed before it even began.

I will say, however, that there were some bright spots to the gathering. First of all, the amount of comic relief received was immense; some of the acts, while horrible, were also downright entertaining in a freak-show kind of way. Second, and most importantly, there were a handful of very talented acts, who it is clear will be part of the next wave of Vladivostok’s rap culture evolution, as rappers and perhaps even as producers (one young man both composed his own music and his own rhymes!). Overall, I was glad to let loose and have some fun, which was even further facilitated by my position right next to the judging table! I also genuinely appreciated the serious fledgling rappers and hope to see them continuing their efforts at future events.

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