Pirogue with chicken and mushrooms - our personal favorite!

Pirogue with chicken and mushrooms - our personal favorite!

Pirogovaya M. V. Rogova – Pies Near MGU in Moscow

Published: July 28, 2013

 Pirogovaya M. V. Rogova/Пироговая М.В.Рогова
г. Москва, пр-т Вернадского, д. 9/10.
м. «Университет» (выход из центра зала)
Тел.: 8(495)782-70-12, 8(499)131-87-72.
Hours of Operation (Seven days a week): 11:00 – 22:00 
 Meals from $8

After class at МГУ (Moscow State University), a few of us students found ourselves quite hungry for lunch. We checked GoogleMaps and found an intriguing restaurant near the university.

Пироговая М.В.Рогова is located about a 10 minute walk from the 2nd Humanities building on campus at мгу. It is found directly behind the exit from the Университет (University) metro station on the market side of Вернадского on a small back street. The front of the restaurant is small compared to the bright yellow overhang over the front of the grocery store right beside it, but it is clearly labeled Пироговая М.В.Рогова. One cool thing we noticed right off the bat was that when you walk in the front door, there is a small cove to your right where you are able to purchase take-out pirogues. However, to get to the main dining room of the restaurant, you take the stairs that are through the front door and to the right. The decor of the restaurant is very plain having simple beige and inexpensively styled walls with burgundy booths and wooden tables.

Our щи soups with the baked bread covering
Our щи soups with the delicious baked bread covering

The cuisine of the restaurants is clearly stated in the title. A “pirogovaya” is a place that sells pirogi, the traditional sweet or savory Russian pies. The second half of the name is apparently the owner’s name. However, Пироговая М.В.Рогова, also offers a wide variety of other dishes ranging from soups to pizza to pasta to sushi. The five of us decided to stick with the pies and ordered пироги, soup and, since we were craving something more American, potato wedges. The menu lists every type of пирог that the restaurant offers, but you need to check because not every kind of пирог is made everyday.

When we visited, we were able to choose from five different savory types, including cheese, chicken and mushroom, beef, cabbage and chicken with cheese. In our opinion, the chicken with mushroom пирог was the best that we have tasted since arriving in Moscow, with cabbage coming in at a close second. They were both very warm on the inside and coated with delicious golden crust on the outside. The пирог prices depend on the type of contents, but two pieces of chicken and mushroom totaled approximately 250 rubles. In addition, we ordered щи (shchi; a Russian cabbage soup) that spiked our curiosity from the picture on the menu (230 rubles). This soup is brought to you in a brown, ceramic bowl that has been baked with a layer of bread on the opening of the bowl so that the plate has a bread bubble on top! In order to eat it, you remove the bread topping and dip it in sour cream or the soup. We loved this dish and found ourselves definitely full after this!

Chowing down on the Chicken and Mushroom Pirogue
Chowing down on the Chicken and Mushroom Pirogue

Our waitress and all of the wait staff were extremely friendly which has been a rarity in many Russian restaurants that we have visited. When she was cleaning up our plates, she asked us “why there was still soup left in our bowl” and left until we finished everything on the table. We all found this really funny since she laughed when she said it and it made sure that we did not leave any waste from our dinner. In addition, since the food was generally pre-prepared, the service was very quick and we completed our meal within an hour. The menu is only in Russian, but a picture accompanies almost every dish.

In addition, the website states that if you are a student of Moscow State University and you show your card to the waiter, then you are able to receive 20% off of your meal price. We did not know this when we attended the restaurant, so it is to-be-determined if it actually works! The website also mentions that you are able to get free wi-fi, which we also did not check out, but saw a few businessmen using their computers. We decided as a group that this restaurant is in definite need of a repeat and we can’t wait to go back to try their sweet pirogues!

For groups and faculty-led tours, I would think that this would be an easy place to have lunch or dinner. The website mentions that the restaurant is able to host parties for any event and since our service was fairly speedy, the service for a larger party would most likely be as well. In addition, the space of the restaurant could easily hold a big group as long as there is an early warning given to the wait staff!

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