Oki Doki has the most similar pizza to that in America

Oki Doki Pizza in Vladivostok

Published: December 30, 2011

Оки Доки / Oki Doki
(Pizzeria and Russian Café)
Алеутская, 11 
Pizza for 208 Rubles

There are quite a few pizza places sprawled about Vladivostok. You’ve got Pizza land, Pizza Bar, Pizza Mia, etc. But, in general, most places are going to charge you upwards of 350 rubles (around 11 dollars) for a medium pizza. As a former college student, I understand that sometimes all you want is a greasy slice of pizza and I found the perfect place to that in Vladivostok.

Oki Doki is located just across the street from Vladivostok’s train station on Aleutskaya Street (ул. Алеутская). The interior of the café is similar to a fast food restaurant with its bright colors and pictures of perfect-looking foods hanging on the walls. The atmosphere has almost an American feel to it, which I personally found unappealing in Russia. Yet, the place is always packed with customers. (A side note: In my experience, Oki Doki, oddly, attracts some of the city’s most beautiful woman.)

The foundation of the menu is obviously the pizza. Starting from 52 rubles for a pretty large slice to 208 rubles for a whole pizza, the types of pizza include cheese, meat, vegetable, Hawaiian (seemingly a favorite of the locals), and seafood (with what looked like crab). Oki Doki’s pizza would best be compared to Sabarro’s in America: greasy, quickly cooked, and served in big slices. Also, pizzas only come in one size, somewhere between a medium and a large. You can also order burgers (70 rubles), soups (50 rubles), pelmeni and fries (30-40 rubles), and drinks, such as sodas, tea, coffee, or water.

Just as at any fast food restaurant, you order up and the counter and wait for your food. The cashiers can be a bit snippy, but if you tell them you are American, they are a lot nicer and more understanding. They even gave me my pizza before the people who had been waiting in line in front of me! They also offer carryout. While they don’t deliver (I have yet to find delivery for any food in Vladivostok), they can throw a pizza in a box for you, similar to carryout in America, which can be convenient.

If you are looking for a quick slice of pizza and you don’t really care about quality, then give Oki Doki a try. If you are missing America (especially American fast food), the café will remind you of a McDonald’s or Domino’s pizza. It seems to be a common hangout for college-age people, so you might be able to make a few friends there, perhaps even with the supermodel-esque women that frequent the café!

For groups and faculty-led tours, Oki Doki can be good, cheap option – especially as they offer carry out in case the place is too full to sit a larger group.

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