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Kaval Rap Concert in Vladivostok

Published: February 28, 2013

Kaval Rap Concert/Кавал Рэп Концерт
Ул. Суханова, д. 3 (BSB Club)
3 Feb, 9 pm ~ 12 am
Entrance: 200 rubles

For all those thirsty for another taste, there is more news from the rap underground in Vladivostok. On February 3, local rap artist Kaval put on his first headlining show at the BSB Club. Preceding the young up-and-comer, however, were a crazy collection of his friends and associates in the rap scene, including Double, a group with which I perform.

Beginning even before the 9 pm official start time, quite a line of young people had begun to form in BSB’s foyer. The show got started not too long afterwards, and by about 30 minutes in, the club was well populated – you pretty much had to squeeze through to get by anywhere. Several very interesting groups performed before the main act, representing various sects of the hip-hop movement in Vladivostok; the audience heard everything from straight up conscious rap to gangster-tinged battle rhymes. While some of it was no doubt more quality than others, all of the acts were privy to an appreciative audience, and the energy in the room was accordingly built to a fever pitch upon the entrance of Kaval.

The young performer (real name Kirill Schneider) truly gave it his all, providing his enthralled fan base with a serious dose of his sing-song, melodic, and often reggae-reminiscent rap stylings. Performing songs that spanned his entire catalog (he has been active for some years), his interplay with the crowd was, in a word, electric. It was clear that Kaval really knows how to get the most out of an audience! Everyone had at least one hand up, feeling the vibe, and often both were in the air to better ride the groove.

It is more than safe to say that everyone who came out had a good time. The performance ended around midnight, and even then, the post-show talk-overs of the evening’s highlights slowed exiting traffic to a crawl. Undoubtedly, this concert will spawn yet further successes for Kaval, and just as assuredly, its content will be the talk of the underground for quite some time to come.

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