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Jazz Evening at Michelle in Vladivostok

Published: April 30, 2013

Jazz Evening at Michelle/Джазовый Вечер в Мишеле
Ул. Уборевича, д. 5а, 8 этаж
Fridays, 8 pm – 11 pm (approximately)
Open to restaurant patrons only

I think most would agree that some of the best moments in life are when one’s normally separate interests come together to form a new and interesting fusion activity that brings with it double the satisfaction. Such was my  experience at a jazz evening at the restaurant Michelle in Vladivostok.

Michelle is a contemporary French restaurant that also serves other continental European and Russian dishes. While definitely not a “cheap eat” (my restaurant mate Danielle Covolo and I racked up a bill of over $200), Michelle is well worth the expense when one takes into account the sheer deliciousness of the food, the impeccable setting and attention to detail, and, perhaps the biggest selling point, the restaurant’s panoramic view of Vladivostok and Golden Horn Bay. And while the view is stunning at any time of year, as spring arrives here in Vladivostok and the city becomes privy to late evening sunsets over the water, it becomes obvious why Michelle is consistently ranked among the top 3 restaurants in Vladivostok.

Now add to this visage a dollop of smooth jazz. It is clear that the folks at Michelle are pretty astute when it comes to creating an ambiance, as some light jazz stylings are the perfect accompaniment to the crepuscular spectacle formed by the sophisticated décor, the crisp wine, the rich food, and the incredible view. The saxophonist who played during our meal was excellent, as well. Alternating between the tenor and alto saxes, he played old standards and modern jazz cuts, all at an appropriately managed sound level so as not to impede conversation or digestion. Apparently there is also a singer that comes out along with the saxophonist on most of these evenings, but fortune had it that we dined on a week that she was not appearing.

My expertly cooked and glazed pork leg, the flowing champagne, deftly refilled at a moment’s notice, the delectable tiramisu ice cream and the ear-pleasing sounds of the jazz saxophonist all combined to make the evening at Michelle one to reminisce over in the cramped confines of the dorms! I would certainly recommend, nay, fervently urge anyone to make a reservation and make the trip ASAP!

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