Imperia Pizza

Imperia Pizza

Imperial Pizza in Bishkek

Published: December 7, 2016

Imperial Pizza / Империя Пизза
27/1 Gorky Street
Pizzas for $4

Imperial Pizza is one of the two best pizza places in Bishkek in my personal opinion. (The other is DoDo, by the way.) Imperial Pizza also has the advantage of being close to the school (less than a three-minute walk), is very affordable, and offers interesting pizza options. Every pizza costs around $4, but with every two pizzas bought you receive a liter and a half of Coca-Cola for free. Pizza choices are very interesting and range from Pepperoni to Chili to Shashlik, but honestly they are all very good so it’s safe to experiment. If I had to choose one to recommend I’d say go for the Hawaiian pizza, which comes with pineapple (another rare topping in Bishkek). In general, any student at the London School should go to Imperial Pizza since it’s delicious and ridiculously close, just inside the Vefa Shopping Center.

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Cian Stryker is pursuing a Bachelors of Philosophy with a dual degree in Political Science and Russian and Eastern European Studies at the University of Pittsburgh. He is currently studying abroad on SRAS's Central Asian Studies program in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. He is currently writing a thesis comparing the ethnic Russian diaspora in Estonia to that in Kyrgyzstan and to what extent those diasporas experience ethnic tension. He spent the summer of 2016 living and studying in Narva, Estonia. He hopes to eventually join the US Foreign Service.

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