Il Patio strives to look, feel, and taste Italian

Il Patio Italian Restaurant in Irkutsk

Published: January 14, 2012

IL Патио / Il Patio 
ул. Сухэ-Батора, 7Б,   
Hours: 10am – 2am
Meals from $7

We’ve been looking for a good pizza place for a while here in Irkutsk, and the Il Patio outlet is one of the best we’ve found yet. It tries to be a “real” Italian place, with Italian phrases written on the wall and an Italian head chef imported from Italy that oversees this Russia-wide chain.

So it’s inherently not as cheap as the typical student budget café, but I think it’s worth mentioning as a place to go with friends. With sharing and creativity, it can fit within the student budget and provide a nice variety in your options for dining out. Il Patio is a large place with lots of room, so it’s a great place to bring larger groups of friends, for birthdays or other events. If you share dishes with friends, it still fits within the student budget and provides a warm and relaxed atmosphere and delicious food.

The menu is made up of different appetizer, pizza, and pasta options, as well as desserts and drinks, ranging from tea and coffee to beer and cocktails.

I went there with a friend recently to try out the pizza and we decided to split a pizza (220 rubles) and a pasta dish (185 rubles) to try them each out. We were very happy with the pizza, some of the best we’ve had in Irkutsk: thin-crust and fresh out of the oven. They have some basic pizza choices and then some more exotic and exciting ones, plus the option to invent your own with toppings of your choice. The pasta we chose was fairly simple, but still flavorful and filling. We each spent just under 250 rubles for our half of the meal, including a drink (an 80 ruble bottle of water). Not bad for a good Italian meal.

All in all, Il Patio offers filling and tasty meals in a very warm and pleasant atmosphere.

For groups and faculty-led tours, Il Patio can be a comfortable option, as they can easily handle larger groups and this location seems to be rarely full. It doesn’t have any direct cultural value to teach in Moscow – except that it is Russian-owned and operated and is generally affordable and tasty, which might make it an interesting stop for a case study for business students.

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