Сациви «Традиционный» (Traditional Satsivi) and Хачапури аджарская лодочка (Adjarian Boat Khachapuri)

Сациви «Традиционный» (Traditional Satsivi) and Хачапури аджарская лодочка (Adjarian Boat Khachapuri)

Georgian Cuisine at Sam Prishel in Moscow

Published: August 8, 2013

Сам пришел/Sam Prishel
Москва, Лубянский проезд, дом 7, метро Китай-город, Лубянка
тел: +7 (495) 628-73-30

Hours: 11:00 to midnight
Meals starting from $15

A fellow SRAS student/roommate, Hunter, and I have fallen in love with Georgian cuisine since being in Moscow. We have had the pleasure of trying some of these delicious dishes twice so far. Once at a “Living and Working in Russia” event hosted by SRAS and once at a restaurant in Moscow called Сам пришел.

View from inside the restaurant
View from inside the restaurant

We discovered Сам пришел one night last week when we were feeling particularly lazy and did not wish to cook dinner for ourselves. Our host mom overheard that we were looking to try out a smaller Georgian place down the street from out apartment building and, instead, pointed us in the direction of Сам пришел. Сам пришел is located about a fifteen minute walk from the Лубянка (Lubyanka) metro station or a ten minute walk from Китай-город (Kitai-gorod) station. It is a one-story wooden restaurant with parking on the left side of the building and a beautiful, outdoor seating area in the back past a small rock archway. The restaurant itself has is quite cozy with wooden walls, potted plants and traditional Georgian-style decor.

The wait staff at Сам пришел did not speak English and a few businessmen at a table near us giggled when they realized our Russian language skills were sub-par, but our waitress was extremely friendly and she got an English menu for us to look. Our host mom had informed us that this was a relatively cheap restaurant, but she overestimated our spending abilities and we found this restaurant to be rather expensive. Although we were hesitant on the prices, we decided to go ahead and order two appetizers and two main courses to share, and then split the bill 50-50 (1000 rubles each). We ordered Сациви «Традиционный» (Traditional Satsivi), Хачапури аджарская лодочка (Adjarian Boat Khachapuri), Жаркое по-домашнему (Homestyle Roast) and Цыпленок в чесночном соусе (Chicken in Garlic Sauce). Сациви is a traditional Georgian dish served as a cold dipping sauce for bread or as a sauce for meat or fish. Our сациви had tender pieces of chicken mixed in the sauce. Хачапури is another traditional Georgian dish that comes in various styles. Хачапури аджарская лодочка is made by forming bread in the shape of a boat and filling it with cheese before baking it. Once out of the oven, an egg is immediately cracked on top and a little butter is added. The heat from the bread/cheese cooks the egg sunny-side up. When you cut the bread, each bite is a delicious mixture of egg, cheese, and bread. Hunter and I loved these two dishes.

Сациви «Традиционный» (Traditional Satsivi) and Хачапури аджарская лодочка (Adjarian Boat Khachapuri)
Сациви «Традиционный» (Traditional Satsivi) and Хачапури аджарская лодочка (Adjarian Boat Khachapuri)

Soon after we finished the appetizers, we heard a woman and a man sing live music from a small stage in the room next to ours. We didn’t understand the meaning of the song because the lyrics were in Russian, but the tunes made the atmosphere more romantic than before. The next main dish that arrived was the Цыпленок в чесночном соусе, which was simply pan-fried chicken cooked and served with a buttery, milk-garlic sauce. The second main dish was Жаркое по-домашнему, which was pork with baked potato wedges, onions and spices. Both of these dishes were extremely good as well, and the meal left us full and content. I enjoyed the experience and would recommend it to anyone wishing to taste traditional Georgian cuisine. Hunter and I decided that if we ever return to Сам пришел, we want to try sitting out in the beautiful, outdoor seating area!

For groups and faculty-led tours, Сам пришелis slightly expensive for larger groups, especially when a budget needs to be kept. The meals range from $15 to $40 depending on what you choose from the menu. However, the food is absolutely delicious, traditional Georgian cuisine and I would recommend the restaurant for a nice evening out with friends or colleagues.


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