Fresh Fast Food has very convenient hours!

“Fresh Fast Food” Cafe in Vladivostok

Published: April 1, 2012

Fresh Fast Food
Aleutskaya, 43
Hours of Operation:  Sun – Monday – 9:00 am – 12:00 am,
Fri – Sat – Open 24 hours

Meals from $4

Fresh Fast Food couldn’t be more appropriately named. The cafe is centrally located and seems to cater to both the on-the-move crowd, as well as to those just looking for a comfortable place to sit down that’s not as fancy.   You’ll notice its brightly colored, sign, written in English, standing out from the nearby stores.

Fresh Fast Food’s staff is friendly, and didn’t seem to mind our group of Americans standing in line for five minutes, trying to decide what to order. The inside of the café isn’t huge, but it is cozy, and gets a good amount of sunshine in the afternoon. It seems to be a popular place to hang out for high school kids.

The food itself is nothing special. The menu, while not huge, offers a number of Russian and American fast foods, including calzones, fried pelmeni, sandwiches, soups, and salads. It’s most likely the healthiest fast food joint in Vladivostok. The soups and salads were made with fresh ingredients. Also, some of the foods might take a little while to cook, but the friendly servers will inform you of that and bring them to you when ready.

You’ll get a great value eating at Fresh Fast Food. My meal of a borsch (50 rubles), a ceasar salad (90 rubles), fried pelmeni (50 rubles), and tea (30 rubles) only cost me 220 rubles and I left feeling full. There are three different sizes of sandwiches, with the largest being comparable to a foot-long Subway sandwich, yet costing less. There’s also pizza, which can be ordered by the slice (60 rubles), or full pizza (230 rubles).

Fresh Fast Food is new to Vladivostok, yet looks to have some staying power. It’s a cozy cafe with cheap, yet decent food, which are three things that are hard to find in a single café in Vladivostok.

For groups and faculty-led tours: the café can hold a group of 5-6 comfortably and unannounced. For anything larger, it would be best to plan ahead!

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