Hollywood in Dreamtown

Hollywood in Dreamtown

Dreamtown: Shopping and Entertainment in Kyiv

Published: July 13, 2013

Dreamtown: Shopping and Entertainment in Kyiv
Оболоньский просол, 1А Киев
Located between Minska and Obolon metro stations

Dreamtown is where American mall meets Disney world – in Kyiv, Ukraine. From shopping to delicious food to exciting activities, this is much more than any shopping center. While visiting Dreamtown won’t deepen your understanding of Ukrainian history or culture, it is certainly able to provide a day of pure bliss.

In terms of layout, the mall is three stories, with the first two holding most of the stores. Dreamtown boasts an impressive offering of stores, which sell everything from clothing to sports gear to books to art supplies and more.

While I’m not typically a fan of shopping malls, the décor inside Dreamtown was what won me over. As you walk through the mall, it’s broken into different sections, each with its own themed two-storey café. Dreamtown is the only place in Kyiv can you experience Holllywood, Paris, ancient Greece, Chinatown, and a jungle—all within walking distance!

Once you are ready for some action, venture up to the third floor, dedicated to entertainment, dining and recreation. There, you can choose between playing mini-golf, bowling, playing billiards, ice skating, rollerblading, practicing curling, and jumping on trampolines.

In terms of dining, again, there is no shortage of options. On the third floor, there is a food court, and the ice and roller rink each have their own café and sitting area. Or, for the health-conscious, check out the mini-bar selling fresh juices!

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