The comfortable interior at Cup and Cake

The comfortable interior at Cup and Cake

Cup and Cake Coffee in Bishkek

Published: November 22, 2016

Cup and Cake
9:30-12:00 (P.M.)
114 Gorky Street

At a certain point, everyone just wants a great café to drink coffee, catch up on work, and enjoy a pleasant atmosphere. Luckily there are a few coffee shops near the London School and since I love coffee, I am determined to try each and every one. The first I tried was Cup and Cake which is similar to any coffee shop in the West except – it has incredibly low prices. I had a very nice cup of coffee and a slice of chocolate cake for roughly $3, which was especially appreciated considering the winter just outside. The food is superb for the price and the coffee is good, although not mind blowing. Cup and Cake is a nice, affordable, and comfortable coffee shop only minutes away from at the London School. It is a great place for work or people watching, and if you come I recommend the chocolate cake since it comes with complementary vanilla ice cream.

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Cian Stryker is pursuing a Bachelors of Philosophy with a dual degree in Political Science and Russian and Eastern European Studies at the University of Pittsburgh. He is currently studying abroad on SRAS's Central Asian Studies program in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. He is currently writing a thesis comparing the ethnic Russian diaspora in Estonia to that in Kyrgyzstan and to what extent those diasporas experience ethnic tension. He spent the summer of 2016 living and studying in Narva, Estonia. He hopes to eventually join the US Foreign Service.

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