Don’t feel like taking a metro ride to Arbat? Fear not. There is a Coffeeshop Company located on the second floor of the mall right near the MSU campus!

Craving the Coffeeshop Company in Moscow

Published: June 30, 2017

The Coffeeshop Company
Multiple locations throughout Moscow
Hours vary by location
Budget: 300 rubles for coffee,
900 rubles for a snack included (maximum)

Coffeeshop Company is a unique franchise founded in Vienna, Austria and the menu reflects its cultural roots. Moscow boasts harboring about thirty Coffeeshop Company cafés across the city. While I was exploring the beautiful Arbat area, I stopped by the Coffeshop Company at Улица Арбат 1 (Arbat Street, 1).

The Coffeeshop Company on Arbat is located at the far end of the road for those arriving to the area from Arbatskaya metro station. With artsy chalkboard menus over the counter, comfortable cushioned chairs, and floor to ceiling windows that enable prime Arbat people watching; the Coffeeshop Company is the definition of a peaceful yet stylish place to enjoy some great food and drinks! For those of us who are non-experts in the coffee field (*cough, cough* me,) and don’t know the difference between the terms “americano” “cappuccino” and “frappuccino,” or whatever the kids call it these days, have no fear! The Coffeeshop Company lays out visualized descriptions of the various types of coffee in their menu!

If you are in the mood for food, I personally would only recommend the Coffeeshop Company for a lunchtime excursion. The menu, while mostly focusing on coffee, offers snacks as well. The snacks vary from fresh salads to toasted focaccia wraps and stacked bagel sandwiches—definitely more along the lines of a midday meal! Additionally, the Coffeeshop Company offers a wide array of delicious desserts that will leave you craving more!

Ready to tear into these life-changing waffles!

Before my first trip to this cute sit-down café, I had heard rumors about some life-changing gourmet waffles that are sold at the Coffeeshop Company. For less than 300 rubles, you will receive a perfectly cooked waffle with two heaping scoops of vanilla ice cream and sweet berry sauce. The whole reason I visited this café was because my friend (with whom I was exploring Arbat at the time,) had eaten one of these waffles a year previous while abroad, and claimed she’d “been craving it ever since.” Unfortunately, the waffles are not listed on the online menu, nor do all store locations have them. If you want to experience, the Coffeeshop Company on Arbat is your best bet!

Waffle. Vanilla ice cream. Chocolate powder. Berry sauce. Unstoppable.

The next time you’re wandering around the city and want to rest somewhere with relatively affordable prices without declining product quality, make sure you check out the Coffeeshop Company! With the heat of the summer right around the corner, chilling out in the air-conditioned Coffeeshop Company café while enjoying an iced mochachino with extra whipped cream is pretty high on my bucket list!

Oh, and I forgot to mention: free Wi-Fi.

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