Cameron and I living it up, down in China Town!

China Town in Vladivostok

Published: October 26, 2012

China Town/Чайна-Таун
Ул. Крылова, д. 10
Hours: 12 pm – 1 am
Meals from $7 

Once again in the interests of staying “close to home,” I chose go to a restaurant that is basically across the street from VGUES’s major student entrance right outside the theatre “Underground” on Krylova Street. Чайна Таун (China Town) is a Chinese restaurant, which from Monday to Friday, 12-4 pm, serves a buffet-style business lunch for the low, low price of 210 rubles. The selection is quite varied, and, perhaps the most salient point for my American audience, is all-you-can-eat! The only downside is that they will not give you a new tray, so if you are one of those people that do not like their food to touch or flavors to mix, I’d recommend some careful planning and separation of the juicier foods.

Upon walking into the restaurant, my party (two other SRAS students, a Korean exchange student, a Russian friend and I) was greeted by a rather surly young woman who requested payment of the 210-ruble buffet cost up front. As we each paid, we received a compartmentalized metal tray for use on the buffet line. After being a little put off by the attitude of the maître’d, I was very pleasantly surprised when I saw what awaited us on the buffet line! Various meats, both fried and stewed, vegetables in different sauces, fried and white rice, as well as salad starters, watermelon for dessert and elderberry морс were all available. And the wonderful appearance of the food did not disappoint; the food was quite succulent, flavorful and delicious! The food was so plentiful that I could not even finish my first tray, and I think that I may literally have waddled away from the table. The only small minus that I would dare mention is that the food was not very warm, but I think that this could be overcome by merely coming earlier to the buffet (we got there an hour before its closing). Overall, I would recommend Чайна Таун without reservation!

For groups and faculty-led tours, I would definitely recommend Чайна Таун as the business lunch buffet is a very easy format for large parties, there is ample space in the restaurant’s interior for such a configuration, and the food is good!

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