Karly, a vegetarian, enjoying a potato pancake at the Chillout Factory.

The Chill Out Factory in Warsaw

Published: August 11, 2017

The Chill Out Factory is Too Chill 
Chmielna 5
Budget: 60zl (including 10% tip)
Hours of Operation: Everyday 12pm-12am

The Chillout Factory operates exactly as it sounds it would: chilled out. My friends and I were looking for a good place to grab brunch on a Sunday late morning and stumbled upon the Chillout Factory. Since we were more attracted to the name and the ambiance, we decided to grab a table and discover how to be “chill.” The menu was limited, with only 4-5 options available for each category, but we each found something that we would like to eat.

We sat outside on the porch, with wicker chairs and a wooden table—it was too nice of a day outside to want to sit inside. With the restaurant sitting on a popular street, the buzz of people on a Sunday morning gave us an extra dose of experiencing culture. No matter how European each of us felt, the restaurant has strict policies about smoking outside even on their patio (a policy a different table had an issue with).

With the bright sun beating down on us, and a need for recovery from a Saturday night filled with dancing, we each started with a fruit smoothie. Karly and I ordered the banana smoothie while Harmony ordered a raspberry one. It took longer than expected for the smoothies to finally get to our table—something that we should have seen as a precursor as how the rest of the meal would go. The wait was worth it though because the smoothies hit the perfect spot.

Grilled chicken and french fries at a table with friends at the Chillout Factory.

After about 20 minutes, our waiter finally took our order. Karly (a vegetarian) ordered the potato pancakes, Harmony ordered pasta carbonara, and I ordered the grilled chicken that came with a side of French fries. The server took our order and we enjoyed each other’s company as we waited for our meals to arrive.

The thing about The Chillout Factory is this—if you want to wait a really long time for drinks, service, and your food it is the perfect place to go! We weren’t in a rush to be anywhere, but waiting that long for simple brunch seemed overdramatic. Considering our drinks took so long, and taking the name of the restaurant literally, we timed the food from the time we placed our order to arrival. It was 48 minutes.
Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate slowing down the hustle and bustle attitude people may have in a capital city like Warsaw, but I felt like this restaurant crossed the line of slowing people down and making them worry that the restaurant forgot about them. Another note is that if I am going to wait that long for my food, I would at least expect it to be of better quality. My grilled chicken and French fries were nothing different than what I could get at the Polish KFC down the street. Yes, the smoothie was delicious, but maybe not worth a total of 2 hours of my time for a brunch.

So if you plan on ever “chilling out”, plan for a big chunk of your day to be taken up by sitting and wondering if you’ll ever get the chicken, pasta, or potatoes that you were really looking forward to.

Harmony feasting on pasta carbonara at the Chillout Factory

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