Local band "Неизвестный испольнитель'" at the Chicago Jazz Club

Chicago Jazz Club Irkutsk

Published: January 3, 2012

Chicago Jazz Club / Чикаго Джазз Клаб
ул. Байкальская, 108
(inside the “Меха Сибири” building, entrance on the left side of the building)    
Entrance: 150 – 200 Rubles for most concerts

One Friday night, some friends from the dorm invited me to a concert at a nearby venue featuring a local band. Only about a ten-minute walk from the IGLU dormitory, the Chicago Jazz Club is housed in the basement of a very unassuming commercial complex. But once inside the downstairs hall, you are transported to a bygone era of American culture. The one-room bar and concert venue is filled with old turntables and musical instruments on display and the walls are covered with portraits of famous musicians from the past century’s history of blues, rock, funk, and jazz. It’s a very warm and inviting space, and is quite cozy in its size and atmosphere. Drinks are served at the bar, with the cheapest beer priced at 120 rubles.

Chicago Jazz Club hosts a variety of concerts each week, featuring mostly rock bands, including some local Irkutsk bands. The show we went to was with the local band “Neizvestniy Ispolnitel” (Неизвестный испольнитель, literally, ‘Unknown Artist’) which is a Russian rock and cover band that plays frequently in the Irkutsk area.

On their website, Chicago Jazz Club advertises upcoming shows including the occasional “theme night”. You can take photos inside the club for no extra charge, buy drinks, and buy band merchandise, including CDs and posters.

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