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Cheap Campus Eats in Vladivostok (Part 2)

Published: March 15, 2012

“The Stand”
40 Gogolya Street / Ул. Гоголя, 40
(Directly across from the university)
Hours of Operation:  10:00 am – 11:00 pm
Price – $4-$8

For my second Cheap Campus Eats, I’ve chosen to write about my favorite little food stand in Vladivostok, which just so happens to be located directly across the street from VSUES.  There are a huge number of food stands around Vladivostok.  The majority of them sell piroshki (little meat pies), manti (, and small cups of coffee.  But this particular stand (which has no official name) has a variety that is unmatched by any other stand that I’ve visited in the city.

The Stand (as I refer to it) is a favorite of those VSUES students living in the dorm.  It’s a perfect place to pick up a quick bite to eat later in the evening, after the cafeteria has closed.  Since it’s basically just a small hut, there’s no seating, so you’ll have to eat your food either on the street or take it back home.  They’ve got a few tables, but I probably wouldn’t advise eating outside during the winter months.  The service at The Stand is very friendly.  It’s run by a group of Uzbeki immigrants, who always want to speak English with me.

As I said above, the menu at The Stand is quite a bit larger than most street vendors’.  However, there is not much selection for vegetarians.  Almost every dish (if not 100%) has meat in them.  The menu includes soups (80 rubles), burgers (50 rubles), hot dogs (50-80 rubles depending on whether it’s a single, double, or triple hot dog!), personal pizzas (60 rubles (and there’s even a crab legs pizza)), and lots of Russian fried foods, like samsas and chebureks (30-40 rubles).

As one of those fat-and-grease-loving stereotypical Americans, I occasionally feel the need for a McDonald’s burger or a Chipotle burrito.  When that happens, I head to The Stand and grab my favorite item on their menu, the shaverma (100 rubles).  Traditionally a Middle Eastern fast food staple, The Stand makes a delicious shaverma out of a large tortilla, juicy meat, tomato, onion, cucumber, “shaverma sauce” (it’s kind of like ketchup), and cheese.  In my time in Vladivostok, I’ve made three other Americans fall in love with the scrumptious shaverma.

All in all, The Stand is the perfect place to curb those late evening cravings you’ll inevitably get while studying up on your participles or verb conjugations.

For groups and faculty-led tours, The Stand could handle smaller groups of 5 or 6.  However, there is no seating.


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