The smell was intoxicating.

Chainaya by Kolomskoye Park in Moscow

Published: July 19, 2015

Andropova Ave., 39
Prices: 450 rubles+

 Shashlyk is a simple meat dish that is made by literally putting meat to fire. However, the way it’s done here in most restaurants is usually attributed to Central Asia / the Caucasus. It’s usually marinated sheep, beef, chicken or fish skewered on a metal stick and barbecued. In some places, I have seen more exotic types of meat used, such as hearts or liver.

In Kolomenskoye Park, a series of approximately seven cabin style restaurants sit on the main pathway. The one I went to, called “Chainaya,” seemed to be the most popular, and relatively cheap compared to the others. Although the prices may be considered a little higher than in other shashlyk places, you are also paying for the convenient location and atmosphere. I thought of waiting to have shashlyk elsewhere, but the smell of the barbequed meat was irresistible.

I ordered two orders of shashlyk – sheep and beef, and a small salad plate. The way they charged me was different from what I’m used to – they charge you by 100 grams, which is indicated on the price list. Of course, I have no concept of what 100 grams means. If you don’t either, just tell them how many people you are ordering for, or just ask for more or less as the man is sliding the meat off the skewers onto the plates.

My lunch mate and I paid about $8 for two orders of shashlyk and a tiny salad made of tomatoes, cucumber and dill. We each got about five cubes of meat each. Even though it’s a little on the expensive side and the line took about 30 minutes, I thought it was worth it. Chainaya’s outdoor patio next to the cabin style made my experience more memorable than going to a regular restaurant.

For groups and faculty-led tours, this place may take too long to serve a larger group. However, students can possibly be spread out among the similar cafes next to Chainaya.

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Ann Le graduated from the University of California, Irvine, with a degree in International Studies and a concentration on Europe. She is currently in Moscow, studying Russian as a Second Language through SRAS. Ann enjoys exploring, eating good food, and writing – all of which she is able to do every day while abroad. She is seen here honey tasting at a Roman festival in in Kolomenskoye Park.

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