Notes From the Field: Life in a Reindeer Collective

I first became aware of the Evenki reindeer-herding nomads of the Siberian Far East as an undergraduate pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Anthropology. Fascinated by the idea of an entire culture based on fur hunting and reindeer husbandry, I began to research the history of the Evenki from the prehistoric domestication of the reindeer […]

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Terah Yaroch: Qualified for United Nations Employment

Terah Yaroch participated in The School of Russian and Asian Studies’ RSL program in Irkutsk over the summer of 2006. With this international experience, and an ambitious BA from the University of South Dakota which included a double major in International Studies and History with a double minor in Russian and Political Science, she landed a job with the United Nations […]

Owen Murray: Study Abroad in Later Life

Owen Murray started learning Russian late in life after meeting several Russian businessmen at a Rotary Club in California. He has since learned much of the language, traversed much of European Russia, and made a surprising number of friends, acquaintances, and good impressions on both sides of the Pacific through his genuine love for the […]

Jean-Marc Roumayat: SRAS Graduate, Irkutsk

Jean-Marc was a non-traditional student who took advantage of SRAS’s program flexibility to organize a short stay in Irkutsk. SRAS: Introduce yourself to us, Jean-Marc. Jean-Marc: I’m a 35-year-old French civil servant. I’ve been studying Russian in France for four years now at night courses, just two hours per week. But in fact I’ve been […]

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