MGU Dormitory Cafe

Sixth Floor Cafе MGU Main Building (Ленинские Горы, д. 1) , Сектор Е 11:00 am-11:00 pm Meals from 75 roubles. For students living at MGU, this little cafe on the 6th floor of Sector E provides some variety from the usual cafeterias, with the convenience of still being on campus and with only slightly higher but […]

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Moscow State’s Student Cafeteria

Столовая МГУ / Dining Hall MGU    Meals for ~$4 The ominous facade of the MGU building provides, along with the other six Stalinist ‘sisters’, a fascinating example of Socialist Realist architecture and a physical manifestation of Soviet discourse. The building creates a real feeling of upward motion or, perhaps, an aggressive, climbing struggle towards the […]

Owen Murray: Study Abroad in Later Life

Owen Murray started learning Russian late in life after meeting several Russian businessmen at a Rotary Club in California. He has since learned much of the language, traversed much of European Russia, and made a surprising number of friends, acquaintances, and good impressions on both sides of the Pacific through his genuine love for the […]

Brian Horne: Studying, Researching, and Funding

Brian Horne is pursuing his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago in anthropology. He studied at MGU on SRAS’s direct enrollment language study option. He also used this affiliation with MGU to access archives within Russia to perform dissertation research. SRAS: We have heard that your interest in Russia was “accidental.” How did this come about? […]

Marshelle Machtan: SRAS Graduate

Marshelle Machtan participated in our Russia in the 21st Century in the summer of 2000. She has since gone on to earn two Master’s degrees from Bowling Green State University and is currently using her Russian language skills to serve a Peace Corps mission in Ukraine, a current hot-spot for world journalism as well as political […]

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