Teremok: Fast Blini in St. Pete

Teremok / Теремок 7-ая Линия ВО, Д.42 (See Map) Russian Fast Food! Eats for $1.50 and up At one point or another, every foreign student studying in St. Petersburg asks the same question: Where can I eat without punching a hole in my wallet and letting my money bleed out the bottom? Or to be […]

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Oliver Twist: English Pub in St. Pete

Oliver Twist / Оливер Твист 3, ул. Белинского (See Map) Friendly English Pub Meals for $12 and more This wonderful English Pub is located right next door to the Georgian restaurant I previously reviewed, Lagdize. Months ago, when I first began my internship at the Theater Academy, I discovered Oliver Twist; my first experience there […]

Li Du: Chinese in St. Pete

Li Du / Ли Ду В.О. 1-я линия, 18/2 (See Map) Traditional Chinese Dishes Meals for $8+12 and more Li Du attracts my friends and me for a few different reasons. Firstly, its location is extremely convenient: a five-minute walk from class, ten minute walk from the Institute, and directly in front of our bus […]

Lagidze: Georgian in St. Pete

Lagidze / Лагидзе 3 Blinskogo ul. (See Map) Georgian Traditional Foods and Cuisines Meals for $10-12 Cafe Lagidze is a Georgian restaurant just off the beaten path, located minutes away from both the Fontanka River and the Saint Petersburg State Theater Academy. It is next door to a very popular English Pub, Oliver Twist (review […]

Pel’ & Men’: Quick Pelmeni in St. Pete

Pel’ & Men’ / Пель & Мень 43 Моховая ul. (See Map) Cheap Pelmeni, Soups, Salads Meals for $4-9 This “hole-in-the-wall”, or better – “hole-in-the-floor,” restaurant is located in a basement on the same quiet side street as Saint Petersburg State Theater Academy. It is popular with the locals, including the theater students. As I […]

Pirogof: Russian Pies in St. Pete

Pirogof / Пирогоф 26 Srednii Prospect (See Map) Russian Pies, Traditional Foods $2 Hearty Snacks, Meals for $5-9 When asked to participate in SRAS’s new project “Cheap Eats” I knew exactly what location I would hit first. Pirogof is string of cafes in St. Petersburg best known for its sweet and savory pies. There are […]

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