Povaryoshka Cafe in Irkutsk

Поварешка / Povaryoshka ул. Ленина, 32   Open from 10 am to 10 pm Meals from $4 Povaryoshka, which means “ladle” in Russian, is a fast-food cafe in downtown Irkutsk, not far from the Irkutsk State Linguistic University. They serve fairly standard Russian fast food, plus pizza and a number of interesting soups. I discovered this place […]

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Cafe Govinda in Irkutsk

Кафе “Govinda” / Cafe Govinda Downtown location: ул. Фурье, 4; second location: 2-я Железнодорожная ул., 66 (остановка “Чайка”, в здании Нерпинария, 3 этаж)   Open 11 am to 8 pm Meals from $5-7 The most unexpected aspect of my time in Irkutsk so far has been the discovery of an entirely vegetarian restaurant called Govinda. Govinda […]

Cafe Jeans in Irkutsk

Кафе “Джинс” / Cafe Jeans ул. Байкальская, 107а (кинотеатр “Баргузин”, 2 этаж)   Open 12 pm to 12 am Meals from $7-10 Cafe Jeans is located on the second floor of the movie theater Barguzin on Baikalskaya Street. It has a very bright interior, filled with comfortable couches around low tables, and on the day we […]

Cafe & Poznaya Nerpenok in Irkutsk

Cafe Nerpenok / Кафе “Нерпенок” Пролетарская, 13а Poznaya and Russian Cafe Meals from $4 The “poznaya,” a place which serves pozi, the national dish of the Buryats, is ubiquitous in the Baikal area. The Buryats are Siberia’s largest ethnic minority and are largely concentrated around Lake Baikal. Pozi are steamed meat dumplings and Cafe Nerpenok, […]

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