Korea House in Vladivostok

Korea House ул. Семёновская, д.76 Hours: Noon-Midnight everyday; Meals from 450 rubles ($7.50) koreahouse.su One of the greatest benefits of studying abroad is inarguably the direct insight into a foreign culture that, with but a little analysis, widens and enlivens our own outward perceptions of the world and its immeasurably varying inhabitants. However, this was […]

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Dong Dae Mun Restaurant in Vladivostok

Dong Dae Mun ул. Адмирала Фокина 3а Hours: Noon-Midnight; Meals from $7 (400r)  It was my first International Women’s Day (Международный женский день) and my university “groupmates” (одногруппницы) and I decided to celebrate the holiday over dinner. However, our collective newness to the holiday betrayed us as we discovered that, having not reserved a table […]

Pizza M Café in Vladivostok

Pizza M Café/кофейня ул. Посьетская 20 Hours: 24 hour (круглосуточно); Meals from $8 (500r) PizzaM.ru For every individual, the rate of new culture digestion differs. Some dive in one nationality and come out another. Others are slower to adapt to the process of new-norm acquisition. We all have ways of easing the challenging experience of […]

Hanuri Restaurant in Vladivostok

Hanuri Restaurant / Ханури ресторан ул. Батерейная 3а Hours; 12-Midnight everyday; meals from 450 rur ($7) VL.ru/hanuri With two weeks of the spring semester already behind us, both second semester students and the newly arrived were united in a collective desire to get into the city and relax. Thus, we headed into the center of […]

Sable Bay Skating and Novik Restaurant in Vladivostok

Most certainly one of the best decisions I have made while living in Vladivostok was to move in with a local host family. The benefits I have received as a result are simply immeasurable and I cannot recommend enough for others to do the same. While this post recounts a late Sunday outing accomplished with […]

Moonshine Bar in Vladivostok

Moonshine Bar ул. Светланская 1, Владивосток, Россия Hours: Mon.-Thurs. Noon-2am, Fri.-Sun. Noon-4am; Entrees from 250 rubles, Beer from 200 rubles Moonshinebar.ru Of all of the local establishments in Vladivostok striving in one way or another to capture some aspect of American culture, no one seems to be doing so quite as successfully as Moonshine Bar. […]

Munich Pub in Vladivostok

Munich Pub / Мюнхен ул. Светланская, 3, Владивосток, Россия Hours: Noon-2am; meals from 420 rubles, business lunch (30% off menu price) Noon-4pm Munichpub.com I had been making my rounds of the international fare as of late, from Georgian lavash (грузинский лаваш) and Japanese udon (японский удон) to Korean sea mustard (корейский миёк гук) and Peruvian tacos […]

Lapshin-San in Vladivostok

Lapshin-San/Лапшин-Сан Ул. Адмирала Фокина, 23 б Hours: 10am-Midnight everyday Meals from 375 rubles It is said that all good things must come to end. Accordingly, I was beginning to wonder when my streak of rather successful dining endeavors would meet such a fate. Although Russia has a reputation for not exactly being vegetarian-friendly, I had […]

Ganga in Vladivostok

Ganga/Ганга Океанский проспект, 69 Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-7pm, Sat-Sun 10am-8pm; Meals from 350 rubles Gangacafe.ru  Living in Russia, I am frequently asked to explain the reason for my vegetarianism. Despite its almost daily nature, every time the question is put before me, my head practically starts spinning as my heartbeat quickens and the diatribes lying dormant […]

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