The Angarsk Clock Museum near Irkutsk

The Angarsk Clock Museum / Музей часов города Ангарска ул. Карла Маркса 31 (г. Ангарск, остановка “Музей часов”) Entrance: Adults, 50 rubles. Students with ID, free. Photography permit, 50 rubles. Transportation: 15-70 rubles (bus for 70 rubles, elektrichka 20-50 rubles, depending on student status) The Clock Museum in Angarsk makes for a great day trip outside […]

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Cinema House in Irkutsk

Cinema House / Дом кино ул. Мухиной, 2а (Остановка: Студия кинохроники) Tickets: 150 rubles Cinema House (Dom Kino) is a great place to find lesser-known, independent films from Russia and around the world. This is your local indie theatre, where films turn over quickly, running for only about one or two weeks at a time. […]

Baikal Strings: Bayan Duet at the Irkutsk Philharmonic

Russian Festival of Folk Music: Baikal Strings Siberian Duet of Bayanists from Novosibirsk Всероссийский фестиваль народной музыки: Байкальские струны Сибирский дуэт баянистов из Новосибирска Irkutsk Philharmonic ул. Дзержинского, 2 100 rubles The Irkutsk Philharmonic offers a wide range of events, including music, dance, and the occasional theatre performance. The best part of the philharmonic is […]

Crystal Nerpa: Ice Sculpting Competition near Irkutsk

Crystal Nerpa: Ice Sculpting Competition Хрустальная нерпа: Фестиваль ледовых скульптур Listvyanka, Irkutsk Oblast Entry: 200 rubles into the park with the action (including ice slides and other attractions), but free to hang out on the ice around the edges of the park and watch from there (most of the action is around the edges of […]

Maslenitsa in Irkutsk

Maslenitsa/Mасленица Entry: 150 rubles general admission, 100 rubles for students (Additional cost for food, souvenirs and some activities inside) Transportation: 100 rubles for a marshrutka from Irkutsk to Listvyanka (Taltsy is a stop about ¾ of the way to Listvyanka). Last week was the Russian holiday Maslenitsa, and the week was full of different events […]

Irkutsk Natural History Museum

Irkutsk Local History Museum: Natural History Branch Иркутский областной краеведческий музей: Отдел природы ул. Карла Маркса, 11 Hours: 10am to 6pm, closed Mondays Cost: 200 rub for adults, free for university students. Special exhibits: 150 rubles. 300 rubles for a photography permit (butterfly photography free) If you’re interested in wildlife and the natural world, the […]

Irkutsk Drama Theatre

Irkutsk Okhlopkov Drama Theatre Иркутский академический театр имени Охлопкова ул. Карла Маркса, 14    Tickets typically range from 200-400 rubles In early December we finally got a chance to go to the Irkutsk Drama Theatre for a performance of Gogol’s comedic play, Marriage (Женитьба). It was enjoyable and funny, even if we didn’t understand about sixty […]

Little Stork Puppet Theatre in Irkutsk

“Aistyonok” (Little Stork) Puppet Theatre / Театр кукол “Аистенок” ул. Байкальская, 32    Box office hours: 10am – 2pm and 3-6pm, closed Mondays Tickets from 100-200 rubles Tickets range from 100-200 rubles and are worth every kopeck. Recently I went to see a puppet show for adults called the Divine Comedy, written by the Soviet playwright Isidor Shtok. […]

Chicago Jazz Club Irkutsk

Chicago Jazz Club / Чикаго Джазз Клаб ул. Байкальская, 108 (inside the “Меха Сибири” building, entrance on the left side of the building)     Entrance: 150 – 200 Rubles for most concerts One Friday night, some friends from the dorm invited me to a concert at a nearby venue featuring a local band. Only about a ten-minute […]

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