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Cafe Jeans in Irkutsk

Published: November 28, 2011

Кафе “Джинс” / Cafe Jeans
ул. Байкальская, 107а (кинотеатр “Баргузин”, 2 этаж)  
Open 12 pm to 12 am
Meals from $7-10

Cafe Jeans is located on the second floor of the movie theater Barguzin on Baikalskaya Street. It has a very bright interior, filled with comfortable couches around low tables, and on the day we went it happened to be hosting a child’s birthday party, so one room was filled with happy children and Pixar animations played on the two TV screens. Service is sit-down, so you find a table and couch and one of the waiters will bring you a menu. Then once you’ve decided what to eat, all you need to do is press a button (knopka) on the table and the waiter will come by to take your order. The service is prompt and they are patient with foreigners.

The menu, which features some humorous English translations of their more exotic dishes, offers a huge variety of options, and you can order many different kinds of food, from gourmet salads and pasta, to hamburgers and fries, to sushi and other Japanese entrees. There is also an extensive drink and dessert menu. Being a fairly gourmet place, not all of the dishes are cheap, but some of the fancier things are affordable if split between two or more friends.

I went there with two friends and we chose a couple dishes to order and split, so that we could try several things without having too much to eat. After spending a long time with the extensive (almost overwhelming) menu, we decided to try some of their Japanese dishes: vegetable teriyaki (280 rubles), a few types of sushi (130 rubles each), and a side of fries (50 rubles). The food came quite quickly and was delicious. The vegetable teriyaki was very flavorful, and the presentation of both it and the rolls was very nice. The cucumber and avocado rolls, which came with the standard wasabi and pickled ginger, were delicious, and the Irish coffees that my friends ordered (entirely outside of the budget) were also very good. Excluding the extravagant drinks, our meals came to 255 rubles a person, which kept us full, but not overly full, and fit the budget perfectly.

Cafe Jeans is not your typical budget restaurant, and could easily exceed a student budget. The menu is very extensive, and offers a large range of cuisines, therefore sharing is recommended so as to maximize the different dishes you can try at one meal without spending too much. There’s no hurry at Cafe Jeans, and with the comfortable couches you can relax there long after finishing your meal without feeling rushed or pressured to leave. Or you can grab a bite to eat there before or after a movie at Barguzin. And if you’re studying at ISLU (ИГЛУ), Cafe Jeans at Barguzin theater is located less than 10 minutes from the student dorms near Volzhskaya, so it’s a very convenient place for lunch or dinner or just coffee with friends.
For groups and faculty-led tours, Cafe Jeans could be a possibility. Given the extensive and diversity of the menu you would want to have a set menu to make sure that you stay in budget if that is a concern.

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