Burritos Mexican Grill.

Burritos Mexican Grill in Vladivostok

Published: April 30, 2014

Burritos Mexican Grill
Фонтанная ул. 44 и Пограничная ул. 12 // 44 Fontanaya and 12 Pogranichanaya Street
The Only Mexican-Russian Food in Vladivostok

The closer Burritos Mexican Grill to VSUES is tucked away off of Fontanaya Street. It’s a brisk 15 minute walk from campus or a three-stop bus ride. You can take either the #38 or #85 and get off at Сухaновая and walk to the corner.

Burritos is festively decorated, with desert tone colors and small cactuses situated around the windows. A sombrero greets you as you walk into the door and pictures of old Mexican newspapers from the 1930s add character as they hang on the wall. Burritos is small; with only five tables that should sit two each (but have four chairs around each anyway). This is not a place to bring a large group.

Mexican Burger with Chicken
Mexican Burger with Chicken.

They offer a variety of food choices, ranging from quesadillas, burritos, tacos, enchiladas, salads, and chimichangas. They have neat Mexican sushi as well, what looked like tortillas filled with Mexican flavors (cheese, chili, etc.), rolled, and cut like a sushi roll. Typical prices range from 105 rubles to 220 rubles for dishes and a 100+ ruble range for drinks.

As opposed to the rest of the cafes, Burritos is by far the lowest key I have visited. No one jumps up to direct you where to sit or to hand you a menu. In fact, no one really cared. I simply walked in, took a spot and grabbed a menu from a nearby table. Ordering is low key as well. You will order by walking up to the cook and the cook will hand you a paper receipt. You’ll then walk to the cashier and order drinks and pay for your meal. Like fast food, you pay for your meal before you actually get it. They will call you when your meal is ready.

Burritos must have an excellent food photographer because their meals are smaller than advertised. Not too bad, but definitely not as big as what seems to be pictured in the menu. At first, I ordered энчеладос со свининой в пиве (enchiladas with pork in beer, 230 rubles). I definitely didn’t taste any beer. But it wasn’t enough, so I ordered a мексиканский бургер с курицей (Mexican burger with chicken, 105 rubles) Overall, it was a tasty meal with some tangy flavors, but as should be expected, didn’t taste very Mexican.

Takeaway – Burritos is your only option for a Mexican style
(+) free wifi, Mexican flavors, good prices for food, low key
(-) small space, small portions, inauthentic
⅘ – Not the best, but not that bad either. Try it out if you’re jonesing for Mexican food, but are willing to concede to the Russian attempt.

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